Apple watch SE Vs Samsung Watch 4 LTE 44 mm

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Apple watch SE and Samsung watch 4 LTE 44 mm model bear close resemblance in terms of device capabilities and costs. Below, we look at some significant points of distinction between the Apple watch SE and a Samsung watch 4 LTE 44 mm model. These points of discussion would help you make a better and informed decision about buying an Apple watch SE or the Samsung watch 4.

Apple watch SE

Operating System – Apple watch SE Vs Samsung Watch 4 LTE 44 mm

An Apple watch SE works only on the Apple ecosystem. So, it is compatible with an iPhone and works well with iOS devices. It does support the macOS as well. Apple watch SE cannot work with an Android based mobile phone. Samsung watch 4 LTE 44 mm model works on the Android operating system. It is not compatible with the Apple ecosystem and hence cannot work with any iPhone.

Both, Apple watch SE and the Samsung watch 5 LTE 44 mm model smartwatches are mutually exclusive in terms of mobile operating system compatibility. Apple stays with iOS and the Samsung watch 4 stays with the Android ecosystem. Samsung watch 4 is based on Google’s Wear OS 3.

Apple watch SE is based on Apple watch OS 7, and the Samsung watch 4 platform is based on Google’s wear OS 3.

Display and Screen Resolution – Apple watch SE Vs Samsung Watch 4 LTE 44 mm

In terms of display and screen size and display resolution, a Samsung watch 4 emerges as a clear winner. The details of the display and screen for a Samsung watch 4 and the Apple watch SE are shared below for your ready reference.

  • Samsung watch 5 44 mm LTE model has a screen resolution of 450 x 450 pixels. An Apple watch SE has a smaller screen resolution of 368 x 448 pixels.
  • Samsung watch 4 is lighter or thinner at 9.8 mm. An Apple watch SE is 10.74 mm thick. Samsung watch 4, expectedly, is thinner than an Apple watch SE.
  • Samsung watch 4 has a pixel density of 455 ppi while the Apple watch SE has a pixel density of 326 ppi. This implies that the Samsung watch 4 has a better display resolution and offers better depth in image clarity and quality.
  • Samsung watch 4 is lighter than an Apple watch SE. It weighs 30.3 g, and the Apple watch SE weighs 36.7 g.

Almost all display and screen parameters of a Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 are better than an Apple watch SE’s display and screen specifications.

Additionally, a Samsung watch 4 has the ‘Always on display’ or AOD. An Apple watch SE does not have the ‘Always on Display’ or AOD feature. AOD feature is helpful to’ view time or clock face even the watch screen is off. Most Apple watches after the Apple watch 5 series have the AOD feature. Apple watch SE misses the feature, probably as a cost-saving measure.

Battery – Apple watch SE vs Samsung watch 4 LTE 44 mm

Battery backup on an Apple watch SE lasts for 18 hours, at best. This battery backup will go down as you try to use GPS or listen to music on the smartwatch. Samsung watch 4 has a 361 mAH battery, that will last for 2 days in a best case scenario. In terms of comparison, you can consider that the Samsung watch 4 battery lasts a day more than an Apple watch SE.

Apple watch SE will require a charge every day. It does come with fast charging though. You can top up 80% battery in around 90 minutes. Full charge will take close to two and a half hours on an Apple watch SE. On a similar note, a Samsung watch 4 takes close to two hours for a full charge.

Samsung watch 4 definitely outlasts an Apple watch SE for the battery backup on offer on both the smartwatches. Anyways, battery backup has never been a strong point for any Apple smartwatch. So, you will have to live with the daily charging of an Apple smartwatch’s battery for at least an hour or so.

Blood oxygenation monitoring – Apple watch SE Vs Samsung Watch 4 LTE 44 mm

Samsung watch 4 is based on the wear OS 3. It includes blood oxygenation monitoring or SpO2 saturation tracking. An Apple watch SE cannot track blood oxygenation levels. In terms of health tracking parameters, oxygenation readings are a primitive feature on the budget smartwatches as well. Its omission from the Apple watch SE is a surprise miss for an otherwise good watch.

Premium Apple watch 7 does take the blood oxygenation readings. So, the lack of blood oxygenation monitoring seems to be a product limitation on the Apple watch SE model.

ECG on demand – Samsung watch 4 Vs Apple watch SE

Samsung watch 4 allows you to use the smartwatch to take ECG on demand. The feature is subject to regulatory approvals and hence is available only in specific countries as we write this. As of October 4, 2021, Samsung watch 4 supports ECG feature in 42 countries. This includes the US, UK, Australia, and most European countries. You can take an ECG on demand using the Samsung Health Monitor app on the smartwatch. And, you also need a Samsung Galaxy smartphone with an active paired connection with the Samsung watch 4 for this to work.

An Apple watch SE does not have the ECG feature. However, an Apple watch SE can send you an alert upon detecting irregular heartbeat. It monitors your heartbeat on a perpetual basis. Any deviation from the benchmark will cause the Apple watch SE to shoot an alert. You will get high and low heartbeat alerts by the Apple watch SE. It can even send you an irregular rhythm warning. A Samsung watch 4 does not detect any instance of irregular heart rhythm or heartbeat. It is unable to send you any alerts about your heart rhythm. Both watches, therefore, seem to have factors that have a trade-off against a full stack of features to monitor the health of the heart. Perpetual tracking of heart health can happen through an Apple watch SE. On-demand ECG is available on a Samsung watch 4. Take your pick on the specific goals that you intend to achieve with a smartwatch.

Samsung watch 4

Activity and health tracking – Samsung watch 4 LTE 44mm Vs Apple watch SE

Samsung watch 4 is fully geared up to offer valuable insights about activities and overall general health tracking. For example, a Samsung watch 4 would happily:

  • help in weight tracking
  • help in measuring water intake
  • help in measuring calorie intake

An Apple watch SE does not have any of these features. Again, these features look like very basic and primitive must-have features for good living. If you are looking for close monitoring of your food and water intake for overall calorie management, a Samsung watch 4 fits the bill on most parameters.

On the flip side, a Samsung watch 4 does not have a cadence sensor to measure cycling workouts. An Apple watch SE comes in handy in tracking your cycling efforts with its in-built cadence sensor.

Fall detection – Apple watch SE Vs Samsung watch 4 LTE 44 mm

Apple watches have the best fall detection algorithm. Upon detecting a fall and no response from the wearer, it can share the wearer’s location with designated emergency contacts. It can even call the emergency number (like 911) if your country supports emergency number calling. A Samsung watch 4 does include a fall detection feature. However, it is limited to sending the location details of the wearer to the designated emergency contacts. A Samsung watch 4, on its own, cannot make a call to an emergency number for seeking immediate help.

For people that have a clear requirement of the fall detection feature, an Apple watch must be preferred over other watches. Apple has had a very proven track record in terms of the fall detection feature and the emergency action taken by the watch upon detecting a fall.

GPS – Apple watch SE Vs Samsung Watch 4 LTE 44 mm

An Apple watch SE does support the GPS, Galileo, GLONASS and QZSS GPS systems. It does not support the GPS systems backed by China – Beidou. Galileo is the satellite system that is managed by the European Space Agency. Together with the US managed GPS satellite system, GPS + Galileo can improve GPS accuracy and performance. This is especially true for users in Europe.

A Samsung watch 4 does support GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and Beidou. In terms of GPS support, a Samsung watch 4 LTE 44 mm allows you to be ready for improved GPS connectivity across the world.


Samsung watch 4 LTE 44 mm is a value for money smartwatch that offers comprehensive health monitoring and tracking. It has a decent battery backup. It supports the Android ecosystem and has much better screen resolution and depth. An Apple watch SE works for the iOS ecosystem. It does offer a hassle-free period of ownership, though it lacks many features that a Samsung watch 4 includes as part of its basic feature offering.

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