Apple Watch 7 Vs Fitbit Sense

The comparison between Apple watch 7 and the Fitbit Sense offers insights into key differences between the Apple’s latest model and the Fitbit’s best smart watch model. The cost of Apple watch 7 is nearly double of the costs of the Fitbit Sense. What does the Apple watch 7 offers in terms of its incremental cost over the Fitbit Sense model?


Operating system coverage – Apple watch 7 Vs Fitbit Sense

If you are an iPhone user, the iOS ecosystem works flawlessly with an Apple watch 7. iPhone users can make the most of the smart watch features through the Apple watch 7. Fitbit Sense is compatible with the iPhones and the Android operating system. So, the Android users get full compatibility with the Fitbit Sense smart watches. If your decision about the smart watch is based on the current mobile operating system in use, the Android users can work with the Fitbit Sense. iOS users can choose the Apple watch 7 or the Fitbit Sense. However, the Apple watch 7 is definitely cut out as a better product for the iPhone users. It does cost almost a double of the Fitbit Sense pricing as of now, in December 2021.

Screen and Resolution – Apple watch 7 Vs Fitbit Sense

Quite expectedly, the Apple watch 7 beats the Fitbit Sense in terms of screen size, resolution and pixel density.

  • The Apple watch 7 has a better resolution of 396 x 484 pixels. Fitbit Sense has a screen resolution of 336 x 336 pixels. Overall, an Apple watch 7’s screen resolution is almost 1.7 times the screen resolution of a Fitbit Sense.
  • The Apple watch 7 comes with a larger screen. The screen size of an Apple watch 7 is 1.9″ while that of the Fitbit Sense is 1.58″. The thinner bezel on an Apple watch 7 has made the larger screen area possible on the watch 7.
  • Apple watch 7 is thinner than a Fitbit Sense smart watch. Apple watch 7 has a thickness of 10.7 mm and the Fitbit Sense has a thickness of 12.4 mm.
  • The pixel density on an Apple watch 7 is 329 ppi, compared to the pixel density of 301 ppi of a Fitbit Sense.

In almost all the parameters of the screen area and display resolution or from the perspective of aesthetics, an Apple watch 7 has better quality score over the Fitbit Sense smart watch. The larger screen area and the thinner bezel makes for a very active and modern design on the Apple watch 7.

Wireless Charging – Apple watch 7 Vs Fitbit Sense

Apple watch 7 supports wireless charging, while the Fitbit Sense does not work on wireless charging. You will need the wireless charging dock from Apple to facilitate wireless charging of Apple watch 7. You could buy the basic charging dock station for an incremental cost. Or, you could buy a charging station to charge the smart watch and iPhones through the station. Costs vary with the model of the dock or the charging station that you intend to you for wireless charging of the Apple watch 7.

Fitbit Sense, as of December 2021, does not support wireless charging. There is no clarity if the future Fitbit Sense watches will support the feature of wireless charging.


Cellular Services – Apple watch 7 Vs Fitbit Sense

Fitbit Sense does not have any cellular model. It does support the WIFI networks though. Apple watch 7 has a GPS model and the GPS + Cellular model. The cellular model costs a $100 higher than the GPS model. But, it does allow you to use cellular networks right through the watch. Taking calls and answering the calls through an Apple watch 7 becomes a notable feature for the watch 7.

GPS Services – Apple watch 7 Vs Fitbit Sense

Apple watch 7 supports full GPS services from the GPS, Galileo and GLONASS satellite systems. The GPS satellite system is the group of GPS satellites that are managed by the United States. GLONASS is the Russian satellite system. Galileo is the European Union’s satellite system. Fitbit Sense works with GPS and GLONASS satellite systems. As of now, the Fitbit Sense does not support the Galileo satellite systems, that is particularly useful for the European countries.

Battery Life – Apple watch 7 Vs Fitbit Sense

Poor battery life on an Apple watch 7 is countered very effectively by a Fitbit Sense smart watch. An Apple watch 7 has a battery life of 18 hours. It comes with an ability to fast charge the battery. It would take close to one and a half hour to charge an Apple watch 7 fully. In comparison, a Fitbit Sense comes with a battery life of up to 6 days.

In terms of battery life, a Fitbit Sense will outdo an Apple watch 7 anytime of the day.

When you are making use of GPS on the smart watch, an Apple watch 7 will tire out in 6 to 8 hours. A Fitbit Sense will last a good 12 or higher number of hours when it is used with the GPS enabled setting.

Fall detection – Apple watch 7 Vs Fitbit Sense

There is no match when it comes to Apple watch’s fall detection feature. Even the more expensive Garmin watches cannot match Apple watch 7’s fall detection feature and its reliability. On a similar note, a Fitbit Sense does not offer the fall detection feature as of writing this piece in December 2021.

If fall detection is a must-have feature for you to have, you would be better off with an Apple watch series. An Apple watch 7 continues the legacy of a highly reliable fall detection feature on the watch.

Extended warranty – Apple watch 7 Vs Fitbit Sense

An Apple watch always come with an option to buy extended warranty in the form of the Apple Care package. Apple watch 7 also offers the extended warranty on the new watch. You can buy the Apple cares extended warranty at the time of purchase, or within 60 days of the date of purchase. This will extend your warranty by an additional year for the Apple watch 7 device. However, you may still have to pay an incident fee to the Apple watch service center. Hardware and component issues, including the battery problems are taken care of fully as part of the Apple Care extended support plan.

Fitbit offers the Fitbit Protection Plan to extend warranty on the Sense watch by 1 or 2 years. The FPP or the Fitbit Protection Plan is offered as part of special offers on the Fitbit app within 30 days of activating the Fitbit Sense.

There may be other features that are inherently available on a Fitbit Sense. Examples would include an ability to log water intake and use the barcode scanner app to find calorie intake of foods (only in the United States). These features are unavailable on an Apple watch 7.

But, the Apple watch app is much better in terms of the features, stability and overall environment for the watch 7 users. Fitbit Sense works on the Fitbit app. The Fitbit app does need to get a new development cycle in place to augment the features and user experience on the Fitbit ecosystem for the Fitbit Sense smart watch.


An Apple watch 7 has better screen size and resolution in comparison with the Fitbit Sense. A Fitbit Sense has much better battery life, and works well with iOS and Android operating systems. Most essential smart watch features are, however, available on the Fitbit Sense and the Apple watch 7. A Fitbit Sense is a very good value-for-money smart watch. It covers most essentials of a smart watch. An Apple watch is good for the iPhone users and offers a more refined app and feature experience for the iOS users of the watch.

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