Does Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 have music?

Yes, both, the Samsung Watch 4 and Samsung Watch 4 Classic edition have music and on-device storage for your favorite music tracks. Galaxy 4 watches come with 16 GB on device storage. Of this, 8 GB storage is usable for user content. User content may be in the form of music files too. Generally speaking, with an 8 GB internal storage, you should be able to download up to 1000 songs on the device. But, not all of available storage may be suitable for only music files. Offline storage of songs for offline listening has been enabled on the Samsung Watch 4 through YouTube Premium subscription.

So, if you have a premium subscription of YouTube music, you can download your favorite tracks and playlists locally on the Samsung Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic edition. These tracks can be played without any detriment for a period of 30 days. Once you renew your premium subscription of YouTube music, you will be able to listen and extend the offline listening by another 30 days.

Integration of YouTube music with the Samsung Watch 4 has been made possible by Wear OS, the wearable’s operating system designed by Google. Samsung Watch 4 has been a unique experience as it has involved Google and Samsung to bring up a smart watch that can work well on Android phones. Put it against the Apple Watch 7, and you will understand the significance of Samsung using the Wear OS on Watch 4.

To use YouTube Premium and download music content for offline listening, you will need battery charge over 40%. And, in all likelihood, you will need a good Wi-Fi connection to the Internet and YouTube website for downloading the music content.

Spotify playlists will also be available on the Samsung Watch 4. However, it is unclear if you can download and play the Spotify playlists from the local device storage; much, like the YouTube premium app.

One of the caveats for offline music storage is that you will be paying $11.99 a month for premium subscription. You are paying close to $130 a year for offline listening on the Samsung Watch 4. Put that money in an Apple Watch 6, and you are free of any hassles of premium music subscription charges. So, we seem to be heading into an era of music costs + smart watch costs for Android phones nearly equal to a current model of Apple watch. The only distinguishing factor may be the cost savings by using an Android phone over an iPhone. The choice rests with a consumer, and hopefully things will get better with the newer versions of the Wear OS.

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