Windows 11 simulator for online demo

Blue edge has developed a React based Windows 11 simulator. This simulator will allow you to have a first hand feel of the upcoming Microsoft Windows 11, without a need of installing the operating system from the ISO image released earlier last week. The Windows 11 simulator will be a good test case for someone who wants to see the major changes made on the operating system, in terms of appearance and functionality.

Windows 11 simulator on Blue edge

The simulator does offer you one of the best views of the various apps and the apps context menu on the Windows 11. You will also notice that the Spotify app finds its place in the Windows 11 install. Netflix and Spotify apps fall under the essential apps category. Amazon Prime, WhatsApp, Telegram and Lightroom apps also enter the apps store.

Among the most striking aspects of the demo is the presence of the Discord server and GitHub connectivity for the developers. There is something for everyone on Microsoft’s Windows 11.

The simulator is useful to have a broad overview of the Windows 11 desktop. In terms of device configuration for users and computer system, we may need to install the ISO image to get a Windows 11 desktop system running in no time. But, Blue Edge’s Windows 11 simulator is a good way to have a test drive of the Windows 11, without going into the actual installation. Have a look at the site and test the Windows 11 at a very basic level to see the user interface and the latest apps on the box. You can test the new Windows 11 simulator on

The screenshot below shows the Windows 11 screen upon a successful boot attempt through Blueedge.

Remember, this is an open source project. Keep checking back for additional developments on the tool.

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