5 Games with most malware infections in 2021

Russian antivirus and antimalware company, Kaspersky, has released data about the prevalence of malware on the PC games. Kaspersky’s report throws some very interesting pointers about PC games being infected with malware at an alarming rate. Such malware infections may cause a wide ranging impact on the user’s computer system.

According to Kaspersky, the malware infections are being increasingly masqueraded through the most popular PC games. These malware infections can trigger unsolicited ads on the infected computer systems or generate phishing pages and redirect users to insecure pages that capture personal data and Banking information. Data theft from the infected computer systems is also a cause of worry. Malware could include anything like a Trojan or even a RAT (remotely accessible trojan). Kaspersky mentioned that it blocked over 5.8 million malware infections through PC games in the last 9 months.

The five most significantly affected PC games, as reported by Kaspersky are:


Most malware infections happened on the Minecraft games. Over 3 million of the total 5.8 million malware infections were blocked on Minecraft. This could be attributed to availability of customized mods of the Minecraft game. Such mods can include malicious malware payloads that could be a part of the custom mods on the game. If you intend to play Minecraft, do make sure that you have an anti-virus and anti-malware on your computer. Infact, the total security solutions offered by anti-virus companies should be the order for personal computers that will be used for gaming.


Sims 4 carried malware payloads and was blocked by Kaspersky over 1.3 million times. Together with Minecraft, nearly 65% of malware attacks on personal computers happened because of Sims 4. Sims 4’s high rate of malware susceptibility is on account of mods that can be developed for the game. These mods can include malicious payloads that will load alongside the game. Effects could be targeted to phishing campaigns, ads or even ransomware.

You will notice quite a few anti-virus software marking Sims 4 mods for a variety of reasons, including ransomware. Be very careful of adding Sims 4 in the exceptions list on the anti-virus program. It is not advisable at all. Custom mods can be dangerous and impact your PC in unpredictable ways.

Aside from the malware infections through Minecraft and Sims 4, there are other games that cause similar infection behavior.


PUBG allows mods and with mods come the risk of malware like browser hijacking and phishing. Back in 2018, we had PUBG ransomware that would encrypt files on the PC until you played PUBG !!! There have been virus warnings and other payload detection on the mods of PUBG. Use a good quality Internet Total Security solution to stay safe and keep your computer clean at all times.


Fortnite has had a history of virus and malware infections. Back in 2018, some gamers got ransomware attacks. While in 2020, malicious payloads were detected alongside Fortnite games. As late as May 2021, we have had a detection of XCodeGhost  malware on the free trial of Fortnite. XCodeGhost infected iPhone users or the iOS operating system.

Attackers target Fortnite users in a variety of ways. Some may target the Fortnite gaming accounts or in taking over other accounts of the user on gaming sites. In worse cases, your personal data may be at an increased rate of theft if Fortnite has been infected with malicious payloads. This includes Fortnite game users on Windows or Android phones. Be very careful in taking good care of your Android phone’s security if you intend to play Fortnite.

Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V or GTA V has been reported to be impacted with virus payloads. Again, the cause if the mods that are developed for the GTA V games. In June 2021, there were reports of malware Crackonosh infections on the GTA V game. If you wish to use a modified version of GTA V, please do make sure to use an updated anti-virus and anti-malware solution on your PC.


While the main source of increased risks to PC happen due to mods of Minecraft and SIMS 4, the only recourse that a gamer has is to ensure that the PC is covered with a good quality and regularly updated Internet security software.