Is Control Panel missing on Windows 11?

No, the control panel is very much a part of Windows 11 operating system. Microsoft just changed the way it needs to be accessed on your Windows 11 personal computer. In Windows 10, you could access the control panel directly from the Start menu. This has been changed in the upcoming release of Windows 11. Incidentally, Windows 11 is getting launched on 5th October, 2021 and all the eligible workstations should be receiving the update through Windows Update program. Back to our original query. How does a user find control panel in Windows 11?

How do I access control panel in Windows 11?

There are two ways in which you can access the Windows 11 control panel. One is through the search box and the other way is through the command prompt on the Windows 11 personal computer. Below, we will look at both ways by which you can access control panel on a Windows 11 personal computer.

The simplest approach to accessing the control panel is through the Windows 11 search box. To bring out the search box, click on the Start button on Windows 11. See the screen capture below.

Once you click on the Start menu, a dialog box opens with a search box on the top. In the search box, type in ‘Control Panel’. The case does not matter, so you may type this in lower or proper or upper case.

You will notice that Windows 11 shows the best match app for ‘control panel’. That’s it. Click on the control panel icon and you will find your way into the Windows 11 control panel. Aside from the updated approach to access the control panel, nothing much has changed inside the control panel. Yes, the graphics are more slick. But, the core grouping remains the same.

Another option to get to the Control Panel in Windows 11 is through the command prompt.

Click on Start menu to bring up the search box. In the search box, type the command ‘cmd’. This will bring up the command prompt dialog window. This window will also show the current build of Windows 11 that you are using on the system. You will notice that I am using the Build 10.1.22000.168 on my system.

Once you have the command prompt window open, type in the command ‘control’. This is the short form for control panel. Once you press enter after typing in the command ‘control’, you will get the control panel section of your computer.

Summary –

Accessing the control panel on Windows 11 is a straight forward task. Use the search box or the command prompt to bring up the Windows 11 control panel.

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