Xiaomi’s Mi 10i – Complete features and details

Xiaomi launched the Mi 10i phone in India on 8th January, 2021. A lot of online buzz was created for the launch, that specifically seeks to target the massive Indian market for phones under Rs. 25,000. The phones have been launched with storage of 128 GB and RAM of 6 GB and 8 GB. Three color offerings mark the launch of the phone in India – Pacific Sunrise, Atlantic Blue and Midnight black.

The company seeks to also arrest a share of the market space in the sub-25,000 market of mobile phones in India. Samsung’s Galaxy M51, Vivo V20 and Oneplus Nord are the potential phone models that Xiaomi wants to target.

We look into Mi 10i’s latest features, functionalities and abilities below and seek to answer common queries of potential buyers and users of the Xiaomi Mi 10i.

Is Mi 10i Made in India?

Yes, Mi 10i is made in India. It is essentially a re-branded model of the Mi 10T Lite 5G.

Does Mi 10i have 5G?

Yes, Xiaomi’s Mi 10i mobile phone has 5G support. It supports n77 and n78 bands of the 5G spectrum. It is a different matter though that 5G is not rolled out in India yet. The phone ships with an in-built X52 modem that will enable 5G connectivity as and when the networks are ready.

Does Mi 10i have fast charging?

Mi 10i ships with an in-box wired charger that has a peak charging rate of 33W. So, Mi 10i’s battery should charge up fully in 58 minutes under standard lab conditions. Mi 10i is housed with a 4820 mAH battery.

How many cameras are in Mi 10i?

Xiaomi’s Mi 10i has a quad camera i.e. it comes with four cameras. The rear facing camera is 108 MP, and has an 8 MP ultra wide angle lens for improving the shot coverage area, a 2 MP macro lens and a 2 MP depth sensor. The front facing camera has a 16 MP lens. In layman terms, the selfie camera is housed with 16 MP lens.

Is Mi 10i water-proof?

Mi 10i is rated IP53, which means that it is not water proof. IP53 water resistance implies that the phone is splash proof. What this means is that the phone can withstand a gush or splash of water, but it does not have any nano coating to protect the phone against accidental exposure of water.

Does Xiaomi Mi 10i have LPDDR4 RAM?

Mi 10i ships with 6 Gb and 8 GB RAM in different models. This RAM is LPDDR4. Initial speculation suggested that Xiaomi will offer LPDDR5 RAM to support the 10i model. However, launch news has confirmed that is housed with a LPDDR4 module.

Does Mi 10i have wireless charging?

No, the Mi 10i comes with a wired in-box charger that offers fast charging at the rate of 33W. As of now, the Mi 10i does not support wireless charging. This will change in the near future though.

What is the cost of Mi 10i?

Mi 10i comes in three different models.

6 GB and 64 GB is priced at Rs. 20,999, and is a base model of the phone.

6 GB and 128 GB is priced at 24,999 and is currently retailing at Rs. 21,999 on Amazon.

8 GB and 128 GB is priced at 27,999 and is currently retailing at Rs. 24,999 on Amazon.