Windows 11 S mode for secure app performance

Like its predecessor, Windows 11 operating system comes in a highly secured version that is called the Windows 11 S mode. The S mode of Windows 11 is a more secure version that comes with limitations on a user’s actions and activities on the computer. The S mode is available for Windows 11 Home, Windows 11 Enterprise and Windows 11 Pro editions of the operating system.

Windows 11 Operating System

Through the S mode, Microsoft will control the installation of third party apps on your computer. Apps that are not recognized on the Microsoft store cannot be installed on the Windows 11 system that has the S mode enabled. You will, mandatorily, have to use the Microsoft Edge as a default browser. Below we look at some of the most common user queries about the Microsoft Windows 11 S mode.

Is S mode available for Windows 11 Home?

Yes, S mode or secure mode is available for Windows 11 Home, Windows 11 Enterprise and Windows 11 Pro editions. Possibly, your system may still not have an option to manage the S mode as it may not come with support for the S mode. Not all Windows 11 home edition computers will have access to the S mode.

Can I use any antivirus in the Windows 11 S mode?

Windows 11 S mode will work with Microsoft’s own antivirus –Windows Defender Security Center. You can install any approved app from the Microsoft store on a Windows 11 computer in S mode. However, in terms of keeping the operating system files safe at all time, Microsoft relies on the Defender Security Center. To install any other custom antivirus, you will need to leave the S mode. And once you leave S mode, you cannot enabled it again.

Can I disable the S mode on a Windows 11 computer?

Yes, the S mode can be disabled on the Windows 11 based computer system. You can opt out of the Windows 11 S mode by going to the System —->Activation under the Settings menu on your computer. When you decide to leave the S mode, Microsoft Windows 11 will not longer limit the scope of apps on your computer to the apps downloaded from the Microsoft Store. On a similar basis, you should be able to use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as the default browser option. Windows 11 S mode only allows Microsoft Edge as the default browser.

Can I enable the Windows 11 S mode?

On most compatible computers, Windows 11 S mode is enabled by default. However, Microsoft allows you to opt out of the Windows 11 S mode through Settings —–> System ——> Activation. You will get an option to turn off the Windows 11 S mode. In nutshell, Windows 11 S mode will come preloaded on your computers. Should you not want to buy Windows 11 S mode, you will need to make sure that you buy the correct edition of Windows 11. So, there is no way for you to enable the S mode on your computer. And once disabled, there is no way you can enable the S mode to work properly.

Another caveat of the S mode is that it works as a one-way street. Once you decide to leave the Windows 11 S mode, you cannot enable it again. Once gone, gone permanently. Whenever you buy an S mode Windows 11 computer, and decide to turn off the S mode through the activation settings, you cannot bring it back on. Yes, there may be a bug because of which some users have reported that Windows 11 reverted to S mode even after being disabled. On a more permanent basis, we can say that the S mode cannot be re-initialized after having been disabled on a Windows 11 computer.

What are the differences between Windows 11 S mode and Chromebook?

Windows 11 S mode works a bit like the Chromebook by providing a secured environment for running the secure apps on the system. On Windows 11 s mode, you can download apps ONLY from the Microsoft store. On a Chromebook, you can run apps that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. The issue, obviously, is the depth of the number of apps on the Google Play Store compared to the Microsoft store. Chromebook is based on the Google propriety ChromeOS. Windows 11 S mode is based on the Windows 11 operating system, and therefore, offers more coverage and flexibility to the users.


Windows 11 s mode is a flavor of Windows 11 that will improve upon providing a secure operating system experience for the computer users. The Windows 11 S mode is optimized for a better performance and does not allow you to use or install insecure apps on the computer.

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