Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22000.160 releases for Dev and Beta channels

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The Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22000.160 has been released to the dev and beta channels by Microsoft. Microsoft has also released the ISO image for Windows 10 for an out of box experience (OOBE). You can download the ISO image from the Windows Insider Preview Downloads Page. The ISO image can be used to do a clean install of Windows 11 or to upgrade an existing Windows install to Windows 11.

The latest build focuses on adding user requested features on Windows 11 and it also seeks to address issues reported by users about the taskbar and start menu. Some of the features that are a part of the Windows 11 preview build are:

Ability to name the PC during the Windows 11 process. This has been a much requested feature by Windows users. With Windows 11, Microsoft seeks to close this gap and allow the users to name the computer during the setup process. See the image below of the dialog box where you can name the computer directly during the Windows 11 setup process.

Windows 11 - computer name during the setup process of Windows 11

The new clock app with focus sessions has also been introduced in this build of Windows 11. Focus sessions are designed to improve user productivity and cut down on procrastination. With focus times, users can set aside a time limit for specific activities and seek to improve productivity. Focus sessions also have an ability to integrate with your Spotify account to play audio during your focus session activity.

Focus timer on Windows 11 build

The estimates for restart timer for Windows updates is being restricted to computers with SSD drives only. The feature may find its place on HDDs once Microsoft has worked out the placements and bugs on the time estimates. As per the Microsoft site –

We have been testing the ability to see estimates for how long a restart for updates would take in places like the power menu under Start, in restart notifications, on the Windows Update Settings page and inside the Windows Update icon that shows up at the lower right of Taskbar. We are making a small adjustment for this feature so that it only shows on PCs with SSDs. If your PC has a standard HDD, you will no longer see estimates. We hope to bring estimates back to PCs with HDDs once we iron out a few more bugs.

These new features that will be tested as part of the Windows 11 build released on August 19, 2021. Other bug fixes and product improvements are also being implemented through the latest build. To know more in detail, please visit the Microsoft page on product updates.

For more information about security updates for Windows 11 and Windows Servers, please see the page below:

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