Why does my Samsung watch get so hot?

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 users have experienced the watch heating up intermittently. Not all users may be affected. But, user reviews do suggest that the Samsung Watch 4 did have issues with the watch heating up.

Overheating of Samsung Watch 4 has been reported by many users of the watch. The LTE variant of the Samsung Watch 4 has been known to have an overheating issue.

Here is what a Samsung Watch 4 user mentioned in his review of the Samsung Watch 4:

I also exercised the overheating issue when I used the watch not connected to the phone (I have number sharing service activated on the watch), all was good when 4G signal is good, I was able to receive calls on the watch without having the phone with me, but always when I enter in areas with weak signal, I believe the watch is starting to search for a better signal and it gets very warm, so it enters in airplane mode, and after a few seconds it shutdowns.

Source – Samsung site

Notice how the watch heats up and enters airplane mode. Eventually, it shuts down for the protection of the watch and the device owner.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 heating issue

One of the users has reported that he faces an overheating issue on Samsung Watch 4 when he leaves his paired smartphone behind. The affected variant is the Samsung Watch 4 LTE model. Here is the exact experience of the affected user:

This is a general problem with the watch. It seems like everyone that leaves their phones behind and go for a workout have this problem. Which is a complete absurd, what other reason would I have to get the LTE version instead of the BT? The truth is, the watch’s hardware can’t deal with exercise tracking + Bluetooth + LTE, the exact use case people would buy it for.

Source – Samsung Watch site

From the problem description shared by Samsung Watch 4 users, we can summarize:

  • The overheating issue affects Samsung Watch 4 LTE variants.
  • The LTE variant of the Samsung Watch 4 starts to heat up when you leave the smartphone behind.
  • The watch shuts down for the protection of the device and the device owner
  • Samsung is aware of the issue. However, no fix has been released by the company as of now.

From the problem description and the subsequent response of the company, it appears that the overheating issue on Samsung Watch 4 is a hardware issue.

If your Samsung Watch 4 is under warranty, take it to the Samsung Care Center. You may request a fix for the watch or a replacement of the faulty part on the watch.

If you are experiencing an overheating issue on Samsung Watch 4 and the watch is under the return period, you may choose to seek a refund.

If your Samsung Watch 4 is out of warranty, then we suggest that you keep the paired smartphone in close proximity to the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. This will ensure that the watch does not heat up. However, we do realize that this defeats the purpose of having an LTE variant of the Samsung Watch 4.

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