WhatsApp testing disappearing message limit of 90 days

WhatsApp is testing revising the limit of disappearing messages to 90 days. Currently, WhatsApp has been testing the concept of disappearing messages that will auto-delete after 24 hours. There is already a setting of disappearing messages on WhatsApp after 7 days.

The time limit for the disappearing message is too low to cause an impact in WhatsApp user habits. So, WhatsApp has decided to test auto-delete of messages after 90 days. The limit of 90 days is expected to be received more positively by the WhatsApp user base. If this limit gets introduced after successful beta testing, we can expect that the users will have an option to retain content on the phones for 24 hours, 7 days or 90 days. Obviously, the user may not enable the auto-delete feature for disappearing messages for content they wish to retain.

WhatsApp disappearing message feature 90 days

The proposed feature is under testing right now for Android phones. iOS will be a subject of testing at a later date. The feature is already a part of the Android beta release version If the feature test is successful, the WhatsApp disappearing message limit of 90 days may be a part of the future release of WhatsApp on Android.