What is the best way to prepare for AZ 900?

AZ 900 is Microsoft’s certification exam for Azure fundamentals. AZ 900 is focused on teaching you the basics of the Azure cloud computing platform. There is a special focus on teaching the underlying technology and a lot of terms related to the SLA for Azure services and availability. We look at the best way to prepare for AZ 900 for passing the Azure Fundamentals exam.

Microsoft Learning Path for AZ 900 Azure Fundamentals

The best path to learning the core concepts of the AZ 900 exam is through the Microsoft Learn website. Microsoft has an exceptional course for the AZ 900 as it takes you through the basics to advanced concepts of cloud computing on the Azure platform. The learning path has 18 individual modules that are grouped into five different learning paths and concepts. All these, together, educate you on the Azure fundamentals and help you prepare for the AZ 900 exam for Azure Fundamentals.

The advantages of using Microsoft’s Learning Path for AZ 900 are:

  • You will get to understand the concepts in detail.
  • You will also get access to the sandbox to perform basic Azure lab exercises. The learning path does have practical exercises to set up the Azure platform and WordPress website on top of it.
  • The course content is concise and to the point. There is no fluff in any of the slides that form the part of the AZ 900 exam.
  • Microsoft’s learning path does enable you to have a firm high-level view of the AZ 900 exam and the various technical aspects of the cloud computing platform.

AZ 900 Azure Fundamentals Video Courses – Free

Once you have covered Microsoft’s learning path for AZ 900, it may be a good idea to reinforce the learning. To pass the AZ 900 exam comfortably, it will be a good idea to go through the YouTube course modules of one of the following courses:

  • Adam Marczak’s AZ 900 course covers each and every aspect of Azure fundamentals in 40 video lessons. It is one of the highly sought-after courses that does not cost any money. Once you have completed the Microsoft Learning Path for AZ 900, it may be a good idea to study through Adam’s video course to have an exhaustive view of the core concepts. You can check Adam’s YouTube course here. In a little less than 3 hours, you will be able to have a firm understanding
  • John Savill’s video course on YouTube is another good source of AZ 900 concepts and fundamentals. It has over 55 video lessons on AZ 900 Azure concepts and fundamentals. The course duration is around 3 hours. The course is free of cost and will reinforce the learning achieved as part of the AZ 900 Learning path of Microsoft. John Savill’s AZ 900 course can be found on this YouTube page.
  • Free Code Camp has a useful video course for AZ 900 Azure Fundamentals. This course is free. And, it will cover the core concepts and knowledge about the AZ 900 exam. It is also the highest watched AZ 900 course as the video course has had over 3 million views over the past 2 years. I find that the course is very well organized. You can move from one video lesson to another with a full understanding of the course objectives and lesson objectives in detail. You can get the AZ 900 video course of Free Code Camp on this page.

Now that we have completed Microsoft’s learning path and one of the video courses for AZ 900, we will like to test our skills through mock exams for AZ 900 Azure Fundamentals.

Mock exams for AZ 900 Azure Fundamentals

We do not support braindumps for clearing any IT certification. Braindumps are self-defeating. At the same time, we agree that one must prepare for the AZ 900 exams through thorough testing on mock exams. Agreeably, good mock exams will put your knowledge to a practical and useful test.

You can take AZ 900 mock exams through one of the following paid options:

Measure Up – Measure Up is the best site for testing AZ 900 exam preparedness. It is definitely expensive. But, it actually prepares you for the AZ 900 like no other test. The exam questions are more difficult than the actual exam. The framing of questions is in plain and simple English that is readable and understandable in one go. If you can afford it, go for the Measure-UP exams for AZ 900 Azure Fundamentals.

WhizLabs – Most students of the AZ 900 Azure Fundamentals exam prefer the WhizLabs exams because of the low costs associated with this mock exam. Whizlabs has been quite popular with the AZ 900 students as it tests you on the AZ 900 concepts and technologies. The only problem with the Whizlabs mock examination is the quality of the English language used. Probably, Whizlabs needs to put their tests through professional editors. This will ensure that the mock questions are readable and understandable in one go. For the AZ 900 exam, however, the Whizlabs exam does perform the requisite job.

Following this strategy for the AZ 900 exam should help you prepare well for the AZ 900 and pass it in one go. If you wish to know more about the AZ 900 exam, its contents, and other requirements, please read the AZ 900 page here.


AZ 900 course from Microsoft offers very useful insights about the Azure Fundamentals. We suggest using one of the free video courses to reaffirm the knowledge gained through the Microsoft Learning Path for AZ 900. Once you have completed both, please consider using a mock exam to test your knowledge about the Azure Fundamentals and AZ 900.