Voice and video calls integrated with Gmail chat

Voice and video calls have been integrated for a one on one chat session on the GMail app. The feature is being rolled out to the GSuite and free subscribers of Gmail. The latest addition on the GMail app’s feature will allow any user to call the other person directly, through the call or the video buttons on the chat window. Single, one on one calls can happen directly off the chat window.

You could always make a one-on-one connection through the GMail app in the past. However, you would have needed Google Meet’s meeting invite to initiate and join the call. This required an additional step of creating and sharing a meeting invite before two people could engage in a call over the Google Meet.

Google’s direct call in functionality on the chat window simplifies the calling feature between two people, and removes the hassle of creating and sending a meeting invite for a call between two people. To make a call with your chat partner, you will need to click on the call or video icon within the Google chat window of the GMail app. That should facilitate the call-in functionality.

Direct call functionality and feature is being rolled out on the Android and iOS at the same time. It is likely to be made available across all the devices in the next few weeks.