Vivo V20 Pro – All you want to know

Vivo V20 Pro is a high range mobile phone on offer for sale in India. Priced a little less than Rs. 30,000, the Vivo V20 is pitched against Xiaomi’s Mi 10i and Oneplus Nord. It is actually the most expensive phone among all three -OnePlus Nord, Xiaomi Mi 10i and Vivo V20 Pro. The phone was launched on 2nd December, 2020 in India. And, we will suggest users to note that Vivo V20 Pro and Vivo V20 are different models from the same family of mobile phones. While V20 was launched 3 months back, V20 Pro is a newer addition from Vivo.

Over here, we look into essential features and abilities of the Vivo V20 Pro. We will see how it stacks up against Xiaomi’s Mi 10i and Oneplus Nord.

Vivo V20 Pro comes with 8 GB RAM and options for 128 GB ROM. Unlike the V20, the V20 Pro model does not offer the 256 GB ROM model. The phones comes in Sunset Melody, Midnight Jazz, and Moonlight Sonata color options. It runs on Android 10 and Funtouch 11 operating system. The Android version is easily upgradeable to Android 11. The upgrade would have to take place through the OTA route, as mentioned in this link.

The Vivo V20 Pro comes with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 765G processor. It weighs 172 grams and is 7.4 mm thin. The 6.44 inch screen boasts of AMOLED display.

Does Vivo V20 Pro have 5G?

Yes, Vivo V20 Pro comes with 5G support. The phone supports SA and NSA 5G networks and works on 5G bands 1,31, 41, 77,78. It may be worth noting that 5G network services are not available in India as of January 2021. It would be also important to note that although Vivo V20 Pro supports 5G networks, the Vivo V20 does not support 5G and is a 4G phone. This is one of the critical and essential difference between V20 and V20 Pro that you ought to know before making a confirmed purchase decision.

Is Vivo V20 Pro Made in India?

Yes, Vivo V20 Pro is made in India, at Vivo’s manufacturing facility in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh. Do bear in mind though that it is a Chinese company.

Does Vivo V20 Pro have wireless charging?

No, Vivo V20 Pro does not have wireless charging. Vivo V20 Pro ships with an in-box wired charger that is capable of charging the battery at a fast rate of 33W. While this is no way close to Mi 10i’s fast charging, the phone battery of 4000 mAH is said to charge fully in a little over one hour. The company claims that 65% battery charge happens in 30 minutes, under lab and simulated conditions. For the benefit of common folks like you and me, I would take it as a one hour charging time. It is still good enough, when you compare against other models available in the country.

Does Vivo V20 Pro have SD Card?

Vivo V20 Pro does not have a memory card slot. So, there is no SD card slot to increase storage on a V20 Pro. Compared to V20 Pro, the V20 came with a SD Card slot.

Does Vivo V20 Pro have a 3.5 mm audio jack?

No, the Vivo V20 Pro does not have an audio jack of 3.5 mm. So, you are either going to use the loudspeaker on the phone or a pod or Bluetooth speaker to hear out your favorite music.

Is Vivo V20 Pro water-proof?

Vivo has not categorically mentioned the water resistance rating for Vivo V20 SE, Vivo V20 or Vivo V20 Pro. In the absence of any IP rating for water resistance, we will have to conclude that Vivo V20 is not water-proof and it does not have any water splash resistance. This, actually, is a drawback of the V20 Pro phone because the Mi 10i does come with splash resistance.

How many cameras on Vivo V20 Pro?

You do realize that phones have front cameras to take selfies. These front cameras are also known as the selfie cameras. On a similar note, there are rear cameras that are used to focus and take pictures. The rear side has three cameras. Rear camera on Vivo V20 Pro has a 64 MP lens, 8 MP lens for width angle and a 2 MP lens for the depth. The 8 MP super wide camera allows you to take pictures with 108 degree angle.

The Front or selfie camera has a 44 MP super camera and an 8 MP ultra wide camera. It is dual camera setup for the front of the phone.

Does Vivo V20 Pro have dual sims?

Yes, Vivo V20 Pro has dual sims. The primary SIM is a nano-SIM and there is a standby SIM that can be used for connectivity to GSM or LTE networks.

The phone supports the following 4G bands: 1, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 28, 34, 38, 39, 40, 41.

Does Vivo V20 Pro have fingerprint sensor?

For device security, the fingerprint sensor is an in-built feature in the Vivo V20 Pro phone. You can use fingerprints to unlock your device. For practical considerations, Vivo suggests to not make use of 3rd party screen guards as these may interfere with performance of the fingerprint security. The Vivo V20 Pro ships with a factory fitted screen guard.

What is the SAR value of Vivo V20 Pro?

Sadly, Vivo has not yet specified the SAR value of V20 Pro. Whatever SAR values are being written on the Internet are actually the SAR values of the Vivo V20 SE and Vivo V20.

Overall, Vivo V20 Pro is a good phone. But, Xiaomi’s Mi 10i seems to offer more value for the money invested, and in this battle of 5G phones, the Mi 10i seems to have bettered the deliverables for the end users. To read more about Mi 10i, you may visit this page.