Trojan affects 190 games on Huawei’s AppGallery

Trojan Android.Cynos.7.origin affects 190 games on Huawei’s AppGallery. The security vulnerability on the games has been detected by the team of Doctor Web malware analysts. Doctor Web is a Russian antivirus company that helps in detecting threats on the mobile environment. The Doctor Web team has stated that the trojan Android.Cynos.7 is based on the Cynos module. The Cynos.7 trojan integrates with the Android apps and captures user data and details.

In this case, popular games on the AppGallery have been affected with the Cynos.7 modules. These modules have aggressive surveillance capabilities. They can read SMS, intercept incoming SMS, pass on your phone number data and even install malware through covert means. Some of the affected games have been installed on over 400,000 Android devices. One such game is the ‘Cat game room’ that is installed on over 427,000 Android devices.

The impact of the Android.Cynos.7 trojan on the affected Android phones would imply the following:

  • steal mobile number data
  • steal GPS location data
  • steal WiFi credentials and data
  • technical details and configuration of the device
  • steal network parameters of the Android device, including the network name, network code, country code, GSM ID and GSM network location codes.

The good thing is that the affected apps have been removed from the AppGallery of Huawei. However, this still does not address the security risk to the phones and Android devices that are running the affected games. It is, therefore, suggested that users of the Huawei’s AppGallery should perform either of the following steps:

  • uninstall the apps or games from the Android devices.
  • install a good antivirus on your Android device to clean the phone and get rid of the trojan in one go.

You can find the list of all the games that have been infected with the Android.Cynos.7 trojan on the following GitHub page.

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