Samsung Watch 3 – All you want to know

Samsung watch 3 is one of the elite options of a smart watch available across the world. Below, we try to answer most commonly asked questions by potential users of the Samsung watch 3.

Does Samsung Watch 3 work with iPhone?

Samsung watch 3 works with iPhone. You can push message notifications to iPhone and pull through the Internet connectivity from your iPhone. The Watch 3 is compatible with iOS 9.0 and later, and smartphones iPhone 5 and newer. There could be some difficulties in the form of unstable connections on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S+ that are running iOS 10 or later.

Data transfer speeds between iPhone and Samsung Watch 3 could be low because of poor connection speeds between the phone and the device due to the nature of connection – Bluetooth Low Energy connection – BLE connection.

Aside from that, you may have experienced limitations on the Watch 3, related to the following:

  • Reply function unavailable (replying and message syncing for features such as text messaging, messenger app, emails).
  • S Health features unavailable (Together, viewing map, social media sharing, workout of the day recommendations, etc.).
  • Find my phone feature unavailable (Find my Gear feature is available).
  • Samsung device-only features unavailable (Samsung Pay, T-money, Nike Running, SOS functions, etc.).
  • Call forwarding feature unavailable on Gear S2 3G, Gear S3 LTE models.
  • Gear music manager (PC web version) must be used to send music files to the Gear device for playback on the Gear Music Player.
  • Only free apps and Gear-specific apps can be downloaded from the Gear app store.
  • Availability of app download may also vary by app developer, OS, software version and service region.

These limitations are already documented on the Samsung website over here.

Does Samsung Watch 3 have ECG?

Samsung watch 3 came in with in-built ECG app. On September 23, 2020, the FDA cleared Samsung’s ECG app for use in the United States. This clears the way for Samsung watch 3 to be used as an on-demand ECG device. The new ECG Monitor app allows users to monitor their heart rhythm for irregularities, scanning for signs of Atrial Fibrillation (AFib).

From the Samsung website

“To use the ECG Monitor app, simply take a seat, open up the new Samsung Health Monitor app, and ensure your watch is snug your wrist. Rest your arm on a flat surface, place your fingertip on the top button, and your watch will record an ECG and classify it as either Sinus Rhythm, or AFib.

Once the reading is complete, users can record relevant symptoms like fatigue or dizziness, and send a PDF report of their ECG recording with their healthcare provider using the Samsung Health Monitor app on a compatible Galaxy smartphone.”

So, with the Samsung ECG app on Samsung Watch 3, you will be able to monitor your heart’s ECG. And, with the integration with Samsung Health Monitor app on any Galaxy smart phone, you will be able to share the ECG report with a Health practitioner.

Does Samsung Watch 3 measure blood pressure?

Yes, Samsung Watch 3 allows you to measure your blood pressure using the My BP Lab 2.0, an app that needs to be installed on your Watch 3 and Samsung Galaxy smartphone. Once you have downloaded the app on Watch 3 from the Google Play Store, you will need to set the app up with permissions. Once the initial setup is complete, you will need to calibrate the app on the Samsung watch 3.

As of writing this, the BP app of Samsung Watch 3 does not work in the US, as it is pending approval from the US FDA. The My BP Lab 2.0 is a workaround that has been suggested by Samsung to offset this.

Full instructions on measuring your blood pressure through Samsung Watch 3 can be followed from this link.

Does Samsung Watch 3 have fall detection?

Yes, Samsung Watch 3 has an in-built fall detection functionality. The Watch 3 has an enhanced accelerometer that is designed to capture hard falls and take responsive action. If a hard fall is detected by the Samsung Watch 3, it will notify your designated emergency contact with your location message. If you are in a position to make a call, it will help you in making an emergency call to your emergency contacts.

For the fall detection to work successfully, you will need a working Samsung Watch 3 and a Galaxy smartphone. Both devices need to be paired up. Full instructions on how to set the Watch 3 for fall detection can be followed from this link.

Does Samsung Watch 3 have LTE?

Samsung watch 3 was launched in two models – Bluetooth model and LTE model. The LTE model will allow you to use Watch 3 to connect to the LTE network of a telco like T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon or Sprint. So, you will be able to make calls and answer calls through the Samsung Watch 3 that supports LTE.

There is an upfront extra cost for the LTE model ($50), and you will need to pay for the subscription charges of the LTE provider. For example, T-Mobile would charge an additional subscription fee of $10 per month for enabling LTE connectivity between Watch 3 and T-Mobile.

LTE connectivity would only work on Android phones with Android Operating System 5.0 or higher, and with a phone RAM over 1.5 Gb. This is required for a one-time activation of the Watch 3, using the carrier on your mobile phone.

With an LTE Samsung Watch 3, you will not need a phone alongside the watch3 for call functionality. If you have a Bluetooth model of Samsung Watch 3, you can make calls through a Bluetooth connection to your mobile phone.

Does Samsung Watch 3 have GPS?

Yes, the Samsung Watch 3 have a GPS sensor. The GPS sensor works to calculate your geo location when your mobile phone is not in close proximity. In other words, the in-built GPS sensor of watch 3 will be functional without connecting to your mobile phone. In normal situations, the Samsung watch 3 uses your mobile phone to relay GPS data. GPS data can be efficiently relayed through your Samsung Watch 3 or your LTE network provider.

Does Samsung Watch 3 have SpO2 monitoring?

Samsung watch3 comes with an in-built SpO2 monitoring. Unlike the Fitbit Versa 3, the Samsung watch 3 performs on-demand SpO2 monitoring or a one-time SpO2 monitoring. Oxygen saturation levels recorded by the Samsung watch 3 are reliable.

In November 2020, Samsung released a software update R840XXU1BTK1 in South Korea. This update specifically focused on improving the SpO2 monitoring or oxygen saturation levels. This update should be, eventually, rolled out to other countries in due course of time.

Is Samsung Watch 3 waterproof?

Samsung Watch3 is rated IP68. This is inline with other Samsung Galaxy devices that are rated IP68. That would make Samsung Watch 3 a water resistant device.

One thing that needs to be underlined over here is that you cannot claim damages for water damage under standard warranty terms of Samsung.

From Samsung’s website:

“Devices backed by an international standard rating of IP68 are deemed fit enough to withstand dust, dirt and sand, and are resistant to submersion up to a maximum depth of 1.5m underwater for up to thirty minutes.”

“*Based on test conditions for submersion in up to 1.5 meters of freshwater for up to 30 minutes. Not advised for beach or pool use. Water or dust damage not covered by warranty.”

How good is Samsung Watch 3’s battery life?

Samsung has stated on its website that Samsung Watch 3 has a 2 day battery life. Watch 3’s rated battery capacity is 340 mAH, and lasts for almost 2 days. For practical considerations though, a Samsung watch 3’s battery will need a recharge once a day if your display is set to always-on.

It takes almost full 2 hours for the battery to be charged. In effect, Samsung watch 3’s battery is considered by many, as the weakest part of the otherwise good Android watch.

Does Samsung Watch 3 come with a charger?

Samsung watch 3 does not come with a charger. It requires a charging dock and USB cable to be bought separately for charging the watch. Do bear in mind that the dock alone won’t charge the watch. You will need to have a cable to connect the watch and the charging dock.

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