Samsung S21 – Features and Specifications

Samsung comes up with S21, S21 Plus and S21 Ultra. The phones will go on sales from 29th January, 2021. In this article, we will look at the features and specifications of the Samsung 21 series premium mobile phones. The phones are on pre-order right now.

What are the specifications of Samsung S21?

The Samsung S21 phone comes with 5nm processor. While Snapdragon 888 will power the US and China models, Samsung’s latest chip – Exynos 2000 is likely to power the S21 series all across the world. It has 8 GB internal RAM, and two options for internal ROM storage – 128 GB and 256 GB. Samsung S21 has a screen size of 6.2″. From Samsung’s website, we can find the precise size dimensions:

Galaxy S21 5G comes with a 15.84cm (6.2″) screen, measuring at 71.2 x 151.7 x 7.9 millimeters and weighing at 171g(mmW), 169g(sub6).

From Samsung website

Does Samsung S21 have 5G?

Yes, Samsung S21 has 5G as it will support 5G networks. S21 ships with an in-built 5G modem with sub-6Ghz/mmwave capability. The 5G download speeds on the sub-6GHz modems should top out at 5.1 Gbps; the mmWave speeds top out at 7.2 Gbps The phone has the following 5G bands compatibility: 5G Non-Standalone (NSA), Standalone (SA), Sub6 / mmWave.

Do bear in mind though that 5G network is required for the phone to work with 5G capabilities.

Does Samsung S21 have AMOLED?

Samsung S21 works with Super AMOLED screen display, and a refresh rate of 120 Hz and HDR+ quality. The refresh rate automatically adjusts on the basis of content being viewed and the range of refresh rate is between 48 Hz to 120 Hz. S21 has a peak screen brightness of 1300 nits. Screen resolution on the S21 is 2400×1080 pixels (20:9)

Does Samsung S21 have wi-fi 6?

No, Samsung S21 does not have wi-fi 6. Only, S21 Ultra has wi-fi 6 capability in-built into the system. We can see the following confirmation from Samsung’s website:

Download and upload speeds reaching up to 2.4Gbps only available with Wi-Fi 6E. Wi-Fi 6E only supported on Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G.

What is the battery size in Samsung S21?

The Samsung S21 comes with 4,000 mAH battery.

Does Samsung S21 have wireless charging?

Yes, Samsung S21 has wireless charging capability. It has a fast charging rate of 10W. Wireless charging kit would still need to be bought separately, and contains the wireless charging pod, and wireless charger stand. The company suggests buying original Samsung wireless charging kit.

Is Samsung S21 water proof?

Samsung S21 has an IP68 water and dust resistance. IP rating is Ingress Protection against damage to the phone through water or dust exposure. The phone has water resistance. But, there is a caveat. You need to be careful in taking the phone to the pool or the beach. From Samsung’s website:

Galaxy S21 5G is rated as IP68. Based on test conditions for submersion in up to 1.5 meters of freshwater for up to 30 minutes. Not advised for beach or pool use.

From Samsung website

Does Samsung S21 have S pen?

Samsung S21 does not support S pen. Only the S21 Ultra supports S Pen.

Does Samsung S21 have an audio jack or audio port?

No, Samsung S21 does not have a 3.5 mm audio jack or audio port. You may use a USB C cable to use a headset with the phone. Alternatively, Samsung Galaxy pods would be the most suitable option for audio use.

How many rear cameras are in the Samsung S21?

Samsung S21 has three rear cameras. There is a 64 MP telephone camera that is used to take pictures. There is a 12 MP ultra wide camera for taking a wider angle picture and the 12 MP depth angle for clarity and photo quality. The phone promises a 120 degree camera view for taking pictures. This will allow taking ultra wide pictures.

The F number of these cameras is given below:

12 MP ultra wide Camera: F – number – 2.2; Pixel size – 1.8μm

12 MP depth Camera: F – number – 1.8; Pixel size – 1.4μm

64 MP telephoto camera: F – number – 2; Pixel size – 0.8μm

How many front cameras are in Samsung S21?

Samsung S21 has a 10 MP front camera. Front cameras are also called as selfie cameras. The front camera on Samsung S21 has the following details:

Dual Pixel AF: Pixel size: 1.22μm: FOV: 80˚: F.No (aperture): F2.2

Does Samsung S21 have 8K video recording?

Yes, Samsung S21 has 8K video recording at the rate of 24 frames per second (fps). 4K recording takes place at 60 frames per second (fps). 1080 Full HD recording takes place at 60 frames per second (fps) and 720p HD recording at 30 frames per second (fps).

What color options are in Samsung S21?

Samsung S21 comes in four different color options – Phantom Violet, Phantom Grey, Phantom Black and Phantom Pink.

How many images can be taken in single take in Samsung S21?

Single take is available for up to 15 seconds, and it takes 10 images at one take. Up to 4 videos can be taken in single take on Samsung S21.

Does Samsung S21 have fast charging?

Samsung S21 has fast charging with a travel adapter of 25W. Samsung calls it ultra fast charging, and wired adapter of 25W will need to be bought separately. Complete battery charge would take a little less than one hour.

Does Samsung S21 have one-drive?

Samsung S21 has integrated One-drive space to store or back-up images and videos online. A Samsung S21 user will get 5 GB one -drive space for backing up the user images and videos online.

Essentially, Samsung S21 is an advanced phone that integrates latest processor chip and 5G network capability. The phone goes on sale for $799 on 29th January in the United States. In India, the S21 Samsung phone goes on sale for Rs. 69,999.