Ransomware attack on A10 Networks

A ransomware attack on A10 networks has been confirmed. The ransomware attack has been executed by the ransomware threat actor Play ransomware. We look at some details of this particular ransomware incident.

Key points about the ransomware attack on A10 Networks

  • A10 Networks is listed on the NYSE and trades under the symbol ATEN.
  • Play ransomware group executed a ransomware attack on A10 Networks Inc. and publicly disclosed the attack on 9th February.
  • A10 Networks released the fourth-quarterly result on 7th February. The 8K filing for the results contains a mention of the cyber incident.
  • As per A10 Networks, the cyber incident was detected on 23rd January 2023 and was contained within the corporate IT infrastructure. Customer data and products have remained unaffected by this cyber incident.
  • The ransomware actor, however, states that it has access to private and personal confidential data. Other data include technical documentation, agreements, employee and client documents.
  • The ransomware threat actor has given A10 Networks time until 12th February for ransom to be paid out. Or else, it will dump the encrypted data online.
  • It remains unclear if the current ransomware attacker has encrypted meaningful quality data. This becomes true after A10 Networks stated that the impact of this cyber incident has been contained with the help of the cyber-security team.
  • After the announcement of the ransomware attack, we do not see any significant impact on the stock price of A10 Networks.
  • The corporate website of A10 Networks is working fine.
Play Ransomware group attacks A10 Networks.

A10 Networks has released the following details about the cyber incident:

On January 23, 2023, A10 Networks, Inc. (the “Company”) identified a cyber-security incident in its corporate IT infrastructure. This was not related to any of our products or solutions used by its customers.

Upon detecting the incident, the Company launched an investigation and engaged the services of cyber-security experts and advisors, incident response professionals and external counsel to support the investigation.

Working with outside experts, the Company has contained the attack within its network and has notified the appropriate law enforcement authorities of the incident. The Company has comprehensive security protocols in place, which helped address this
incident in an expedited manner, and is reviewing additional steps to further strengthen its security posture. The Company currently does not expect this incident to have a material impact on its operations.

About A10 Networks

A10 Networks offers software solutions in Network security, Multi-cloud environments, cloud application security, and software services for service providers.

Some well-known clients of A10 Networks include Comcast. GoDaddy, Samsung, and LinkedIn.

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