Phihong’s Taiwan office experiences a cyber attack

Phihong’s headquarters are located in Taiwan. Phihong Taiwan has experienced a ransomware attack. The ransomware attack has been executed by Lockbit. We discuss more details of this cyber incident below.

Key points about the Phihong ransomware attack

  • Phihong’s Taiwan headquarters has been the subject of a ransomware attack by Lockbit.
  • Lockbit has unveiled this information on its website.
  • From the initial understanding, Phihong’s data may have been encrypted by the ransomware group.
  • The exact impact and extent of encryption are not clear.
  • Lockbit has given Phihong time until 19th February to pay the ransom or face a data dump on its website.
  • Phihong’s Taiwan website is working fine as we write this. However, it did go down earlier today.
  • However, Phihong’s US site is operational. It is unclear if the US offices have been affected in any way. But, it does look like that the attack is limited to Phihong’s Taiwan office only.

As of writing this, we have no official confirmation from Phihong Taiwan about the cyber incident and its impact. We are unaware of the actual impact and if Phihong has engaged in a forensics audit of the trail left by Lockbit.

The standard response to a ransomware attack would imply a full-scale cyber-security audit to find the actual data that may have been encrypted by the ransomware threat actors.

Ransomware attacks, generally, lead to client data being encrypted for seeking ransom amounts. Phihong Taiwan has been given a 10-day period to pay a ransom of $499999 as per the note posted by Lockbit on its website as per the screenshot below.

Phihong Taiwan

About Phihong

Phihong is one of the leading global players in the power adapter market and provides power solutions in the telecom, datacom, industrial, and personal electronic markets. Phihong has over 1.5 million square feet of manufacturing space. It has 6 manufacturing facilities in China.

Phihong Taiwan

Phihong is listed as an equity on the Taiwan Stock Exchange. Its share closed at 41.35 on the Taiwan Stock Exchange. It would be interesting to see how the stock reacts to this ransomware attack and the subsequent ransom demand.

We will post an update if Phihong posts an official statement on this ransomware attack.

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