Oppo SmartWatch 46 mm – Should you buy it?

Oppo’s 46 mm is a smartwatch that is manufactured in China. It is available in India and is one of the highest selling smartwatch models in the country. In UK, the Oppo 41 mm smartwatch is available for purchase. Should you buy the 46 mm in India or the 41 mm Oppo smartwatch in the UK? Both smartwatches have similar issues and complaints from the users. So, we have merged the issues that affect the Oppo smartwatch in both countries to bring you the details herein.

The biggest drawback of the Oppo 46 mm watch, based on feedback of users on Amazon, is its battery life. The company claims that the battery would last for 14 days on a single charge in the power saver mode. On the Smart mode, the company claims a battery life of 24 hours. 

However, user feedback puts poor battery life and long charging times as the two major negative points for the Oppo 46 mm smartwatch. While some users exercised the replacement period options to replace the Oppo 46 mm watch with a Samsung smartwatch or the Skagen smartwatch, others chose to live with the poor battery life. Persistent use of the smartwatch may require multiple charging attempts during the day. 

Lately, the company has rolled out a software update to fix the battery drain issue. The battery drain issue is specifically very noticeable when you bring out the GPS and the maps. Feedback about the poor battery life, post battery drain software update issue, is not available.

Some Oppo smartwatch users have also complained about heating issues on the smartwatch. While we could not independently verify the heating issue on the phone, it may be worth checking the issue at the time of making a purchase.

Aside from the poor battery life, the Oppo 46 mm smartwatch does not have a feature to track SpO2 levels in the blood. Most smartwatches do have the SpO2 tracking as a standard feature of the watches. So, this is quite a notable miss on the Oppo 46 mm smartwatch.

Finally, the Oppo 46 mm smartwatch does not come with an e-SIM. You can still make calls or answer calls after connecting your smartphone to the Android phone over bluetooth or wifi. So, for practical reasons, ability to make calls or answer calls is a part of the Oppo smartwatches.