Oppo Smart Fitness Band – Should you buy it?

So, Oppo is the latest to climb the bandwagon of smart fitness bands in India. It has launched fitness bands in India that are priced under Rs. 3000. The fitness bands offer continuous oxygen monitoring and come with multiple colored bands. Should you buy the Oppo smart fitness band? Is the Oppo Smart Fitness band the most suitable fitness band available in India? Below, we look at some features that should help you decide on buying the Oppo fitness band.

One of the chief complaints of the users that have been using the Oppo fitness band is that the SpO2 tracking is not accurate. 

Oxygen levels reported by the Oppo fitness band are not inline with SpO2 reported by a pulse oximeter or a medical oximeter. Infact, this is probably, the biggest reported issue on the Oppo fitness band. Inaccurate oxygen reporting would cause anxiety to users and may raise concerns related to an individual’s health. For users that wish to use an Oppo fitness band for oxygen saturation tracking, it is advised to not rely on the band. Rather make use of a pulse oximeter for accurate or close to accurate tracking of oxygen. Better still, buy a medical pulse oximeter that will provide the most accurate recording of SpO2.

Another poor feedback factor is the inaccurate step counter. Pedometer functionality of the Oppo smart band is not reliable. 

Over-counting of steps is a major drawback of the Oppo fitness bands. Some users have also passed on a feedback that the smart band of Oppo does not count steps when you are inside the house. This may sound strange at first, but cannot be independently validated at this point of time. If you are looking to track your steps accurately, it is suggested that you must try and make use of a better quality fitness band.

Another aspect of Oppo smart fitness bands is that it does not pair with an iPhone. So, if you are an iPhone user who would like to pair with your fitness to track your exercise data, give the Oppo smart band a miss. Oppo smart fitness bands only work with Android phones.

Finally, battery drain is another major issue reported by users. If you enable all the features on the Oppo smart fitness band, you will need to charge the band every day.

To be fair to OPPO, battery drain issue affects most budget fitness bands and trackers. So, you may want to live with this one to save some money over the year.

Essentially, OPPO smart fitness band is a value for money fitness band. It has tried to improve the available band colors to make the band look more attractive than the peers available in the market. Issues with pedometer are common across all the fitness bands that tap the budget bands’ market in India. This is because of the triple axis accelerometer technology used by the fitness bands to track the steps. Inaccurate workout mode reporting is also a common issue across the budget smart fitness bands.

So, if you are really serious about using accurate pedometer tracking, reporting and accurate SpO2 reporting with diverse workout modes, it would be best to increase your budget and buy a higher quality fitness band that has better quality sensors. For the lesser stringent uses or for a hobby user, OPPO smart fitness band is an acceptable choice.