Oneplus Smart Band – Should you buy it?

Riding on the success of MI smart bands, many manufacturers have embarked on a journey to capture a part of the smart band market for the fitness freaks in India. OnePlus is the latest entrant to the field as it has brought out the OnePlus smart band in India. Priced under Rs. 3000/-, this smart band is pitched against smart bands of Mi, Oppo and Fastrack. Should you buy the OnePlus smart fitness band?

Based on the user feedback, we believe you should know a few aspects of the OnePlus smart fitness band.

For a start, do remember, that the OnePlus smart band does not pair with an iPhone. IOS is not supported on the OnePlus’s smart band. OnePlus smart band works only with the Android based phones.

Heart beat monitoring is not continuous; this means that you will need to strike the fitness band anytime you would like to perform heart rate monitoring. There are some users who are unhappy with the heart rate monitoring, and the readings are not accurate. Compared to the continuous heart rate monitoring offered on Fitbit, OnePlus’s heart rate monitoring involves effort on the part of users.

Sleep tracking is unreliable as it fails to capture the sleep cycles. Again, this is a usual complaint with any budget smart fitness band and hence one would have to live with it.

OnePlus smart fitness band also comes with an inbuilt feature to track SpO2. Users complain that the oxygen tracking on the OnePlus smart fitness band is not accurate. Similar complaints have also been reported on the OPPO smart fitness band. We believe that SpO2 tracking is a very sensitive subject and requires high quality sensors. Should you need accurate oxygen tracking, you ought to look at proper pulse oximeter. Readings on budget smart fitness bands cannot be relied upon for medical reasons.

Pedometer tracking or step counting is based on triple axis accelerometer. Step counting or pedometer functionality on the OnePlus smart fitness band is not accurate as there may be over counting of the steps. This functionality requires better tech than the triple axis accelerometer. For a budget fitness band, OnePlus performs fine. If you wish to access accurate steps’ data, consider increasing your budget and buying a better quality smart fitness band.

Overall, the OnePlus smart band is a good value for money proposition. For fitness freaks who look upon a fitness band for complete accuracy, you may want to skip the budget smart fitness band and look for a better quality smart fitness band such as the Fitbit smart fitness band.