OnePlus Nord – Features and All that you want to know

OnePlus has a committed fan following in India. This could be explained by the faith earned by the brand through delivery of quality products in India. OnePlus Nord is one such phone, that has consolidated OnePlus’s leadership in the mid-range phone segment in India. Priced at a little over Rs. 25,000, OnePlus Nord delivered value for the money invested on this mid-range mobile phone in India.

Our editors get quite a few queries about OnePlus Nord, and it becomes imperative to try and resolve queries and questions of potential buyers of OnePlus Nord. As of January 2021, OnePlus Nord’s competitors are Mi 10i of Xiaomi and Vivo V20 Pro of Vivo. Incidentally, all these phone brands are owned by Chinese companies, though they do have manufacturing facilities in India.

What are the specifications of OnePlus Nord?

OnePlus Nord comes with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 765G processor; LPDDR4 RAM between 6 GB to 12 GB and internal ROM between 64-256 GB. A battery capacity of 4115 mAH, and AMOLED display with a refresh rate of 90 Hz.

One of the best aspects of buying a OnePlus phone has to be the Sony camera that goes with it. Can you beat the picture quality of a Sony vis-a-vis the Samsung camera in Vivo V20 Pro or Mi 10i? It weighs 184 grams and is 82 mm thick. In both aspects, OnePlus Nord is heavier and thicker than the Vivo V20 Pro.

Does OnePlus Nord have 5G?

Yes, OnePlus Nord has 5G support in the Indian model. It supports 5G in band 78. In Europe, the OnePlus Nord works on bands: 1, 3, 7, 28, 78.

You would do well to appreciate the fact that 5G networks are not available in India as of January 2021. Nevertheless, we are getting there.

You may want to know that OnePlus Nord ships with Android 10 operating system. As a result, the phone supports 2 SIMs on the 4G network right off the box. However, there is a single SIM support for 5G connectivity. Using 5G SIM in one slot and 4G SIM in the other would be possible through an OTA update to Android 11. Effectively, 5G will be possible in India once the networks are ready. So, your OnePlus Nord won’t leave you in the lurch, as and when your network upgrades to the 5G spectrum.

Does OnePlus Nord have fast charging?

Yes, OnePlus Nord has fast charging. It charges the battery at 30W, and the complete battery would take a little over one hour to charge fully. However, OnePlus claims that nearly 70% battery would be charged within 30 minutes. This is much inline with fast charging available with Mi 10i and Vivo V20 Pro.

Does OnePlus Nord have wireless charging?

Expectedly, OnePlus Nord does not have wireless charging. It ships with an in an in-box 30 Watts fixed wired charger. Wireless charging is a feature that is unavailable in most Upper tier mid range phones in India. So, this is more like a standard wherein wireless charging is unavailable in OnePlus Nord, Vivo V20 Pro and Xiaomi’s Mi 10i.

Does OnePlus Nord have SD card or memory slot?

No, OnePlus Nord does not have SD card slot. You cannot increase its internal storage by adding a memory card. The phone ships with 2 slots, that are used to house dual SIM cards. We suggest buying a 256 GB ROM Nord if storage is a concern for you.

Does OnePlus Nord come with a screen protector?

Yes, OnePlus Nord ships with a pre-applied screen protector. This is a standard practice for the upper tier phones. You could replace this screen protector with tempered glass of decent quality. But, we suggest to leave some sort of screen protection on the phone at all times.

Does OnePlus Nord have screen recording?

Yes, OnePlus Nord has screen recording. It allows you to record anything that plays on the screen. Screen recording will also include the sound recording, provided you have allowed the screen recording app to use the microphone. Screen recording app is available on the OnePlus Nord’s home screen. If you want detailed instructions on how you can take screen recording on a OnePlus Nord, please check the instructions over here.

Does OnePlus Nord have 3.5 mm audio jack or audio port?

No, OnePlus Nord does not have a 3.5 audio port for wired headphones. However, this limitation can be easily overcome by using a C-style USB adapter to connect the phone with wired headphones. See the image below. You will notice the c-style USB adapter is available right off the shelf and you can buy it online too. This offsets the need of a 3.5 mm audio port on the device. The adapter is available as ‘OnePlus Type-C to 3.5mm adapter’ and costs less than Rs. 500 or $6 on Amazon.

Is OnePlus Nord water-proof?

In the absence of any IP rating for water resistance or splash resistance, it is safe to presume that the OnePlus Nord is not water-proof. On a similar note, it would be fine to assume that the phone does not have any splash resistance too. So, keep the OnePlus Nord in safe custody, should you decide to meet someone by the poolside.

How many cameras are there in OnePlus Nord?

OnePlus Nord has four rear cameras and two front side cameras. The main camera on the rear side has a 48 MP Sony IMX586. The ultra wide rear camera has 8 MP while the depth camera has a 2 MP lens. On top of these three, we have a 2 MP macro camera. The company claims that you are able to take an image with 119 degree angle. Effectively, OnePlus Nord and Vivo V20 Pro have almost the same ultra-wide camera lens for taking a wide angle view picture.

There is a 32 MP front camera that can take wide angle selfies.

Does OnePlus Nord have stereo speakers?

I bet you would expect the OnePlus Nord to have stereo speakers. Surprisingly, and unfortunately, the OnePlus Nord does not have stereo speakers. So, you would have to do with the mon speakers on the OnePlus Nord.

Does OnePlus Nord have IR blaster?

No, the OnePlus Nord does not have IR blaster. It cannot be used as a remote.

Is OnePlus Nord good for playing games?

Yes, OnePlus Nord has good gaming performance and can be used to play games such as PUBG. It has a robust processor -Snapdragon 765G. Depending on your network, overall gaming experience will vary considerably. Consider buying a Nord with 12 GB LPDDR4 RAM if you intend to use your phone for gaming experience.

So, should you buy OnePlus Nord?

The phone has a lot to offer, and is equipped with a fast processor and good cameras. Cutting edge 5G network connectivity is a part of the phone. And, you have multiple RAM and ROM options to choose the most suitable device. OnePlus Nord, therefore, is a compelling choice for an upwardly mobile audiences.