Microsoft unveils wired Xbox Stereo Headset

Microsoft has unveiled a new range of stereo headsets for Xbox gamers. The Xbox stereo headsets are set to go on sale from 21st September and Microsoft is taking pre-orders for the new range of Xbox headsets.

The wired series of Xbox stereo headsets can connect to the Xbox controller using a wire that can connect to a 3.5 mm audio jack. The stereo headsets can be used across other devices with a similar 3.5 mm audio jack. It has a retail price of $59.99 and is $40 cheaper than the wireless headsets for an Xbox controller. The wireless headsets were launched in early January. These headsets are compatible with the Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Windows PCs with a 3.5mm audio jack.

The latest series of Microsoft’s wired Xbox stereo headsets will Support spatial sound technologies including Windows Sonic, Dolby Atmos, and DTS¬†Headphone.