Microsoft integrates Passwordless account login – learn to implement it now

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Microsoft account logins support ‘passwordless’ security and take the hassle of passwords off your life. I just changed or upgraded security on my Microsoft account. My Microsoft account is now ‘password less’. And, I am so glad that I do not have to remember or add password of the account to any password account manager. It took less than 5 minutes for my account to improve, as I augmented its security through password less account login.

Let me explain how I was able to integrate passwordless login to my Microsoft account.

Login to your Microsoft account. For one last time, you will need the password to login to the Microsoft account. Once logged in, go to the security page. Alternatively, you may directly click on the Microsoft’s account security page by going to this link – If you were logged in to the Microsoft account, you should land on the security page of Microsoft account.

You will see the page like the one in my screen shot below:

Under the ‘Advanced security options’, click on Get started. This should take you to the next step of setting up Microsoft account security to use password less login to the Microsoft account.

Under the ‘Additional security’ section, there is an option of Passwordless account. You will notice the ‘Turn on’ toggle button. Click on ‘Turn on’ to turn on the passwordless account login for your Microsoft account. You will be taken to the next screen that starts the process of setting up a passwordless account on Microsoft.

Clicking Next will take you to the next step of setting up the Microsoft authenticator app on your phone. You could download the Microsoft Authenticator app from the Play store or Apple store. Alternatively, you could visit the link for downloading the Microsoft Authenticator app on your phone –

Click on next to link up the Microsoft Authenticator app with your Microsoft account. Doing so will send you a code on the Microsoft authenticator app. This code will be used to link your phone through the Microsoft Authenticator app. The code on your phone will be validated on Upon successful validation of the code, your mobile phone having the Microsoft authenticator app will be linked up for authentication to your Microsoft account.

Once the process of linking the Microsoft authenticator app to your Microsoft account is complete, you will see the following message – Password removed. The message shown below is the exact message displayed on your screen, post activation of the passwordless account login.

This is it. These 5 simple steps have taken the passwords of Microsoft account off your life. And, just in case, you wish to re-deploy the passwords on the account, you can just turn-off the passwordless login to your Microsoft account.


Setting up passwordless account login on Microsoft is a straight forward process. Augmenting account security should be a priority for everyone. I suggest taking your Microsoft account’s security in your hand and deploy the Microsoft Authenticator or an alternate method to authenticate to the Microsoft account.

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