Microsoft Edge version 121.0.2277.83

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Microsoft released an upgrade for the Edge browser on 24 January 2024. The latest stable version of Microsoft Edge is 121.0.2277.83. We are now on build 121 of the Microsoft Edge browser.

  • Microsoft Edge stable channel version 121.0.2277.83 supersedes stable channel version 120.0.2210.160. The last update on the Edge browser took place on 17 January 2024.
  • Edge version 121.0.2277.83 corresponds to the latest Chrome version 121.0.6167.85/.86. Chrome was updated on 16 January 2024.
  • The latest update contains a fix for 17 security vulnerabilities in the Chrome engine or the Chromium project. 11 of these vulnerabilities were uncovered by external researchers.

The current update for Edge for Windows 121.0.2277.83 has a fix for 17 security vulnerabilities. 11 of these 17 threats were uncovered by external researchers. A brief description of each of these four vulnerabilities is given below.

17 security vulnerabilities in the Chromium project have been addressed in the latest Chromium version. The details of the threats are given below.

Bug IDCVE detailsSeverityVulnerability type
1505080CVE-2024-0807HighUse after free in WebAudio
1484394CVE-2024-0812HighInappropriate implementation in Accessibility
1505086CVE-2024-0808HighInteger underflow in WebUI
1496250CVE-2024-0810MediumInsufficient policy enforcement in DevTools
1463935CVE-2024-0814MediumIncorrect security UI in Payments
1477151CVE-2024-0813MediumUse after free in Reading Mode
1505176CVE-2024-0806MediumUse after free in Passwords
1514925CVE-2024-0805MediumInappropriate implementation in Downloads
1515137CVE-2024-0804MediumInsufficient policy enforcement in iOS Security UI
1494490CVE-2024-0811LowInappropriate implementation in Extensions API
1497985CVE-2024-0809LowInappropriate implementation in Autofill

There are 7 Edge specific vulnerabilities that are resolved in Edge version 121.0.2277.83. We have listed 6 of these vulnerabilities below:

CVE detailsSeverityCVSS ScoreVulnerability type
CVE-2024-21326Important9.6Elevation of Privilege
CVE-2024-21385Important8.3Elevation of Privilege
CVE-2024-21383Low3.3Spoofing vulnerability
CVE-2024-21382Moderate3.8Information disclosure
CVE-2024-21387Moderate5.3Spoofing vulnerability
CVE-2024-21336Low2.5Spoofing vulnerability

The following feature updates are part of the Edge 121.0.2277.83 version:

  • Enable organizational branding in Edge for Business. Enable your organization’s branding assets from Entra onto profile-related UI for profiles signed in with an Entra ID (formerly known as Azure Active Directory) account.
  • Microsoft Edge migrates the updates experience into Browser Essentials. Getting alerts on available Edge Updates will come from Browser Essentials instead of the Settings page for better visibility and experience.
  • Added support for AVIF and AV1 file formats. Microsoft Edge now supports the AVIF and AV1 file formats which offer better compression and higher quality images and videos.
  • E-tree in Wallet. Users signed into Microsoft Edge with a personal Microsoft Account (MSA) can grow a virtual seed into a tree with Wallet. 
  • New Website Typo Protection policies. The built-in Website Typo Protection warns users if it appears there is a mistyped popular domain name which could land users on a malicious webpage.

The following new policy updates are applicable for the Edge version 121.0.2277.83:

The following policies have become obsolete:

The latest version of Microsoft Edge 121.0.2277.83 can be installed automatically. For this, you can close the browser and open it again. This should force Edge to pull the latest updated version.

Edge can also be updated manually. You can download the offline installer file for Microsoft Edge from the Microsoft Update Catalog site.

The direct download links for Edge version 121.0.2277.83 are shared below:

You can check the Microsoft Edge version installed on your system by following the instructions below:

  1. In your Microsoft Edge browser, click on the 3 dots (…) on the very right-hand side of the window
  2. Click on Help and Feedback
  3. Click on About Microsoft Edge
  4. This should give you the Microsoft Edge version on the system

The current update is being rolled out to the eligible systems.

If you restart the Microsoft Edge browser, your browser should automatically pick the latest version x from the Microsoft Servers.

The following cumulative updates for January 2024 are available:

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