Microsoft Edge version 120.0.2210.91

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Microsoft released an upgrade for the Edge browser on 21 December 2023. The latest stable version of Microsoft Edge is 120.0.2210.91.

  • Microsoft Edge stable channel version 120.0.2210.91 supersedes stable channel version 120.0.2210.77. The last update on Edge browser took place on 14 December 2023.
  • Edge version 120.0.2210.91 corresponds to the latest Chrome version 120.0.6099.129/130. Chrome was updated on 20 December 2023.
  • The latest update contains a fix for one security vulnerability in the Chrome engine or the Chromium project. CVE-2023-7024 is a heap overflow in WebRTC.
  • Edge version 120.0.2210.77 also contains a fix for Edge specific vulnerability. CVE-2023-36878 is the vulnerability that is specific to the Edge browser.

On 14 December 2023, Microsoft released the latest Edge version 120.0.2210.77. This version is the stable channel release version for desktops. It resolves security issue specific to the Edge browser.

Edge security updates resolve Chromium-specific and Edge-specific vulnerabilities. The latest Edge version 120.0.2210.91 covers 1 Chromium vulnerability. Edge 120.0.2210.77 version resolves an Edge specific security vulnerability. These threats are discussed below.

One security vulnerability in the Chromium project has been addressed in the latest Chromium version. The details of the threats is given below.

CVE detailsBug idSeverityImpact
CVE-2023-70241513170HighHeap overflow in WebRTC

1 security vulnerability is specific to the Edge browser. This has been resolved in the latest Edge version 120.0.2210.77. The details of the threat are shared below.

CVE detailsCVSS ScoreSeverityImpactComments
CVE-2023-368784.3LowSecurity feature bypass vulnerabilityThe attacker would be able to bypass the protection in Edge that does not block  tags which may contain blocked websites to be loaded. If an attacker successfully exploited this vulnerability it could load a malicious image file.

The latest version of Microsoft Edge 120.0.2210.91 can be installed automatically. For this, you can close the browser and open it again. This should force Edge to pull the latest updated version.

Edge can also be updated manually. You can download the offline installer file for Microsoft Edge from the Microsoft Update Catalog site.

The direct download links for Edge version 120.0.2210.91 are shared below:

You can check the Microsoft Edge version installed on your system by following the instructions below:

  1. In your Microsoft Edge browser, click on the 3 dots (…) on the very right-hand side of the window
  2. Click on Help and Feedback
  3. Click on About Microsoft Edge
  4. This should give you the Microsoft Edge version on the system

The current update is being rolled out to the eligible systems.

If you restart the Microsoft Edge browser, your browser should automatically pick the latest version 120.0.2210.61 from the Microsoft Servers.

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