Microsoft Edge build 119 released

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Microsoft has released the build version 119 for the Edge browser on 2 November 2023. The current active stable version for Microsoft Edge is 119.0.2151.44. We are transitioning from Microsoft Edge version 118.0.2088.76 to 119.0.2151.44. The previous update for Microsoft Edge happened on 27 October 2023.

Salient points

  • Microsoft Edge version 119.0.2151.44 supersedes Microsoft Edge version 118.0.2088.76.
  • The latest version of Microsoft Edge 119.0.2151.44 is based on the Chromium project version 119.0.6045.105/.106.
  • Edge version 119.0.2151.44 fixes 13 security vulnerabilities in the Chromium engine. These vulnerabilities are identified in a range CVE-2023-5850 to CVE-2023-5859. The other three are identified as CVE-2023-5849, CVE-2023-5480, and CVE-2023-5482.
  • Edge version 119.0.2151.44 also fixes 3 security vulnerabilities that are Edge based. These security vulnerabilities are shared in the vulnerabilities section below.


Apart from the 10 security vulnerabilities that are Chromium based, there are 3 security vulnerabilities that are Microsoft Edge based.

Edge based vulnerabilities

The details of these 3 vulnerabilities are shared below.

CVE DetailsCVSSImpactSeverityComments
CVE-2023-360226.6Remote Code ExecutionModerateThe attacker who successfully exploited the vulnerability could have limited ability to perform code execution.
CVE-2023-360294.3SpoofingModerateThe user would have to click on a specially crafted URL to be compromised by the attacker. The attacker is only able to modify the content of the vulnerable link to redirect the victim to a malicious site.
CVE-2023-360296.6Remote Code ExecutionModerateThe attacker who successfully exploited the vulnerability could have limited ability to perform code execution.

Chromium vulnerabilities

The details of 13 Chromium based vulnerabilities are shared below.

CVE DetailsSeverityComments
CVE-2023-5480HighInappropriate implementation in Payments
CVE-2023-5482HighInsufficient data validation in USB
CVE-2023-5849HighInteger overflow in USB
CVE-2023-5850MediumIncorrect security UI in Downloads
CVE-2023-5851MediumInappropriate implementation in Downloads.
CVE-2023-5852MediumUse after free in Printing
CVE-2023-5853MediumIncorrect security UI in Downloads
CVE-2023-5854MediumUse after free in Profiles
CVE-2023-5855MediumUse after free in Reading Mode
CVE-2023-5856MediumUse after free in Side Panel
CVE-2023-5857MediumInappropriate implementation in Downloads
CVE-2023-5858 LowInappropriate implementation in WebApp Provider.
CVE-2023-5859LowIncorrect security UI in Picture In Picture

How to check current Microsoft Edge version?

You can check the Microsoft Edge version installed on your system by following the instructions below:

  1. In your Microsoft Edge browser, click on the 3 dots (…) on the very right-hand side of the window
  2. Click on Help and Feedback
  3. Click on About Microsoft Edge
  4. This should give you the Microsoft Edge version on the system

The current update is being rolled out to the eligible systems.

If you restart the Microsoft Edge browser, your browser should automatically pick the latest version 119.0.2151.44 from the Microsoft Servers.

Download Microsoft Edge 119.0.2151.44

For a manual upgrade, please use the link below to download the offline installer for Microsoft Edge version 119.0.2151.44.

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