Microsoft Edge build 110 released

Microsoft has released the latest version of the Edge browser. Edge browser’s build 110 was released on 9th February 2023. Let us review the main aspects of Microsoft Edge version 110.

Salient points about Microsoft Edge version 110

  • Microsoft Edge build 110 (Version 110.0.1587.41) was released on 9th February.
  • Edge build 110 supersedes Edge version 109.0.1518.78, released on 2nd February 2023.
  • Edge version 110 resolves vulnerabilities reported on the Chromium project. Chrome version 110 fixed these vulnerabilities and was released on 6th February 2023.
  • Edge build 110.0.1587.41 is available for desktops and Android mobile operating systems.
  • The latest version of Edge resolves two vulnerabilities specific to Edge browser only.
  • CVE-2023-21794 is a spoofing vulnerability. It has a CVSS score of 4.3 and a LOW severity level.
  • CVE-2023-23374 is a ‘Remote Code Execution’ vulnerability. It has a CVSS score of 8.3 and a ‘MODERATE’ severity level.

The bottom line is that the Edge browser version 110 resolves all vulnerabilities that the Chromium project has shared. Additionally, Edge build 110 resolves two vulnerabilities specific to the Edge browser.

Edge build version 110.0.1587.41

It may be pertinent to mention that Edge version 110.0.1587.41 is a stable release version of the browser. The beta channel 110.0.1587.40 was eventually completed as a stable release version 110.0.1587.41.

Apart from the security update for vulnerabilities, Edge version 110.0.1587.41 also implements the following feature improvements on the browser:

  • New Immersive Reader policies. Immersive Reader in Microsoft Edge simplifies web page layouts, removes clutter, and helps you customize your reading experience.
  • Enabling sync for Azure Active Directory signed in customers. Microsoft Edge sync roams data across all signed in instances of Microsoft Edge. This data includes favorites, passwords, browsing history, open tabs, settings, apps, collections, and extensions. 
  • Drop. Microsoft Edge now offers a simple way to send files and notes across all your signed in mobile and desktop devices. Using the desktop version of Microsoft Edge, Drop can be managed through the sidebar (edge://settings/sidebar).

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