Maryland Health Department website comes back online

Maryland’s Health department’s website came back online last night. The Health department website had experienced a network security incident. Due to the security issue arising out of the incident, the Health department’s website was redirected, temporarily, to the main website of the Government of Maryland.

The Health department’s website became a subject of an attack over the weekend. During or after the attack, the Health Department’s servers were taken offline as a preventive measure. This may have been done to prevent collateral damage or loss of the Health department’s data. Some analysts are of the opinion that the Health department may have brought down the servers to facilitate an audit or a forensics trail of the network attack.

The Department has released a statement stating that there has been no data loss due to the network security incident. The impact seems to be more on the partners of the Department of Health and the local health departments. It appears that a full scale forensics and investigation into the cyber attack are happening on an ongoing basis. More details about the security attack, and the consequent impacts are awaited.

The Department was unable to publish the Covid statistics for the last 2 days due to the network security incident. The Cyberattack seems to have brought the focus on the Health departments across the US. Past 6 months have seen a spate of ransomware and cyber attacks that have been targeted at the Health departments’ websites across the country.