Managed AWS Hosting for business

Amazon Web Services or AWS is the leading cloud hosting platform. With geographically dispersed datacenters, AWS offers end to end solutions. Serverless computing is a part of the AWS infrastructure. Small businesses can take advantage of enterprise class AWS infrastructure.

Below, we list managed service providers for AWS hosting. These managed service hosting providers help manage all aspects of AWS solution chosen by you. For the sake of simplicity, we restrict this discussion to simple hosting needs of small businesses. You can pick your cloud compute types and storage classes on your own. And, you could pick one of the following managed service hosting providers for your AWS infrastructure. This discussion does not discuss the MSP or Managed Service Providers for AWS. Rather, we look at specialist hosting companies that help in reducing AWS management costs by a wee bit.

Typically, these managed AWS hosting providers will take care of the following aspects of AWS infrastructure:

  • Manage EC2 instances
  • Manage Load Balancers
  • Applying security updates to the underlying operating systems
  • Setting up networks and routing between subnets
  • Deploying applications
  • Managing applications on a day to day basis
  • Configuring backups
  • Setting up AWS hosting and application monitoring

Some providers may provide a subset of these services. Others may go over and beyond these generic services as part of the service offering.

The managed AWS hosting solutions that we have discussed below come from the following companies:


Pagely uses AWS infrastructure to offer hosting services. It is more in the segment of enterprise class managed WordPress hosting on the AWS platform. Pagely is a business class host. The main points of Pagely’s hosting support on AWS include the following:

  • Pagely supports 13 datacenter locations on the AWS platform for the enterprise and managed WordPress business hosting. However, it operates from Northern Virginia datacenter as its primary datacenter for all the service offerings.
  • Pagely provides different class of managed WordPress solutions. Some of these include the hosting solutions with high availability, headless WordPress solutions and solutions for regulatory compliance.
  • Pagely manages your solution end to end. It offers managed AWS Virtual Private Servers as a starting point. Eventually, it can create customized solutions based on the load balanced clusters in AWS infrastructure.
  • The starting price on Pagely is $499.99 and it could scale all the way up to $5000 a month. It largely depends on the AWS solution sought by your business.
  • Pagely is a good alternative if you have been considering WordPress VIP managed hosting provider.


Nestify is more on the budget side of business hosting on AWS. It offers managed WordPress hosting. Nestify is based in Nashville, Tennessee. It offers EC2 compute instances of all sizes for small to large businesses. The services are managed end to end in terms of security your servers, performing backups and monitoring the WordPress stack for any issues. The main points of managed WordPress hosting offered by Nestify are mentioned below:

  • Nestify specializes in managed WordPress, Enterprise WordPress, managed WooCommerce and high traffic WooCommerce sites. Besides, Nestify caters to providing managed AWS hosting to agencies as well.
  • Nestify provides managed services through its teams in the United States and India.
  • You ought to look at Nestify for managed e-Commerce solutions involving the WooCommerce sites.
  • Pricing on Nestify starts at $12. The prices will scale up depending on the complexity of your managed AWS solution and services.
  • Nestify offers a free trial for you to try the managed WordPress hosting.
  • Nestify enjoys a rating of 4.8 from 144 reviews posted on the ‘Trusted Reviews’ website.

Nestify allows you to scale is an organic way. As your business grows, you can transition on AWS from a starter VPS to more advanced service offerings with high availability solutions. Surprisingly, you will find Nestify’s pricing more competitive than the traditional managed VPS hosting providers like the Liquidweb. Do understand though that Nestify is more in the league of top business hosting through managed WordPress hosting on AWS platform.


Wordify is closer to Nestify in terms of service offering, pricing and managed hosting solutions. It provides AWS based solutions and Google Cloud Platform based solutions. We look at the main points of Wordify hosting below.

  • Wordify allows you to pick any AWS datacenter for your managed hosting requirements from the United States, Germany, Australia or UK.
  • Managed service offerings include Web Application Firewall (WAF) and realtime malware scanning. WordPress core updates and backups are managed by Wordify.
  • Pricing on Wordify starts at $8 per month and could go up to $25 a month.
  • You won’t find any offers of high-availability WordPress hosting solutions at Wordify.
  • One of the strongest points about Wordify is the one hour guaranteed human response.
  • Daily automated backups and on-demand manual backups are part of the AWS managed WordPress hosting solutions offered by Wordify.

Scala Hosting

Scala Hosting has been around since eleven years. It, originally, offered shared and reseller hosting. It has transitioned to a new niche of managed AWS servers and Virtual Private Servers. With its depth of web hosting experience, Scala Hosting should be a good option for small business managed hosting on the AWS platform. Some of the significant points about Scala’s managed AWS hosting solutions are listed below.

  • Scala Hosting has developed its proprietary control panel SPanel. SPanel is a dashboard that allows the hosting customers to manage aspects of hosting.
  • Scala Hosting allows you to pick one of the 35 datacenter locations on the AWS platform.
  • The starting plans on Scala Hosting’s AWS managed solutions start at $61.95 a month. You can scale all the way up to a VPS with 32 GB RAM and 8 CPU cores for $249.95.
  • Scala Hosting also offers Softaculous one-click app installer on managed AWS platform.
  • The company boasts of a 15 minute average human response time for support requests.
  • On the ‘Trusted Reviews’ website, you will find over 690 reviews with an average overall rating score of 4.9.

Scala Hosting offers you more of a traditional VPS hosting platform on AWS. You will make use of Scala’s support team to manage the AWS instances and storage.


MilesWeb is an Indian web hosting company that has embarked upon offering the managed AWS solutions. MilesWeb, primarily focuses on the Indian web hosting market. However, it does offer managed AWS services. Some important points about MilesWeb are listed below.

  • MilesWeb offers managed AWS services wherein you could order the AWS servers directly and MilesWeb will provide management services only.
  • For the managed AWS solutions, MilesWeb will offer security updates management, backups and migration services to the end customers.
  • One of the significant points about MilesWeb services has to be very competitive pricing.
  • MilesWeb is more suitable for small businesses or the ones which are just starting up.

MilesWeb can be considered for managed AWS hosting if your business is just starting up. You could scale with AWS as your business grows and allow the MilesWeb team to offer VPS management services.

WP Engine

WP Engine is an AWS partner and is listed as one of the partners on the AWS site. WP Engine focuses on providing managed WordPress hosting solutions. Besides AWS, WP Engine also offers managed WordPress hosting on the Google Cloud Platform. Some key aspects of managed AWS hosting on WP Engine are shared below for your ready reference.

  • WP Engine is a US based company that sits out of Texas. So, you get access to an onsite support team.
  • WP Engine offers 9 datacenter locations on the AWS platform. 3 of these datacenters are in the United States. Another three datacenters are located in Europe, two in Asia and one in Canada.
  • Managed WordPress hosting plans on WP Engine start at a price of $24.99. You could carve out a custom plan and design a solution on AWS with the WP Engine team.
  • WP Engine offers automated backups as part of managed WordPress hosting solutions for your business.
  • WP Engine’s custom dashboard allows the hosting customers to manage all aspects of web hosting directly.
  • WP Engine is one of the largest managed WordPress hosting companies in the world. Probably, next to Kinsta hosting.

You cannot go wrong with WP Engine when it comes to managed WordPress hosting. It would be a wise idea to speak to the WP Engine team before picking the right WordPress hosting plan for your business.

But, WP Engine is definitely costlier than Nestify or Wordify because the company bills you on the basis of number of visitors to your website. Having your own VPS managed by Nestify may sound like a better option as you are not tied to the number of website visitors that visit your website..

Closing Thoughts

We believe that AWS and GCP cloud hosting infrastructure allows you to scale up from a small business to a bigger business at your own pace. AWS has one of the widest datacenter networks in the world. We do suggest making use of a managed service provider that manages all aspects of AWS VPS or server for you. You cannot go wrong with WP Engine, Pagely or Nestify. Wordify and MilesWeb are good for people just starting up as a new business.

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