Major firmware update 20 for Fenix 6 devices

Fenix 6 series devices will get the latest firmware update version 20. Garmin has released the firmware version 20 on 19th November. This firmware will succeed the preceding 19.xx firmware versions on the Fenix 6 devices. The last three months has seen lots and lots of development activity on the Garmin software that drives the Fenix 6 series watches. New features have been added, and existing features are being updated on the basis of intrinsic customer feedback. Firmware version 20 seems to be a culmination of a lot of feature requests and bug fixes for the Fenix 6 devices.

We are now on the firmware version 20.30 on Garmin Fenix 6 smartwatches. You may want to read more about the latest firmware update version 20.30 for Garmin Fenix 6 on this page. Should you wish to continue reading about the firmware update version 20, please read below about the details of the firmware and the issue it fixes.

Update – 6th January 2022: The stable release firmware for Garmin Fenix continues to be firmware version 20. A fresh beta update has been released. The current beta version of firmware for the Garmin Fenix 6 is 20.04. If your Fenix 6 is working fine and you do not have any calibration issues or any bugs, please stick to the stable release version 20 for the Garmin Fenix 6 firmware. Beta updates keep on rolling at a fast pace, and we should be looking to update once Garmin has come out with the main release or stable release of the firmware. You can read more about the Garmin Fenix 6 firmware version 20 below.

Issues with firmware version 20 on Garmin Fenix 6 series watches

Firmware version 20 for the Fenix 6 devices has caused issues in the calibration of altimeter. Manual calibration of altitude has given way to automatic calibration of altitude. And, the automatic calibration of altitude is not consistent. Consequent to the issues reported by Fenix customers, Garmin has deployed another patch to resolve the altimeter calibration of the Fenix 6 watches.

The latest firmware version for the Fenix 6 devices is 20.01. It improves upon the inconsistent calculation of altimeter data on the Fenix 6 watches. If you are in need of accurate altimeter data on your Fenix 6 watch, please update to the firmware version 20.01. The firmware remains in the beta version for now. If altimeter data is not required, you may choose to proceed with an update of the firmware on Fenix 6 watch to firmware version 20.

For now, the best way to proceed with a firmware update on Fenix 6 watches (as of December 2021) is to:

  • allow Garmin to push firmware 20 for your Fenix 6 watch, and update using the Garmin Express on your computer and the Garmin Connect app.
  • if you run into issues with altimeter calibration after the firmware update to version 20, please download the beta update 20.01 manually. This will resolve the altimeter calibration issues. Do bear in mind that the firmware update 20.01 is in beta, and you need to deploy it manually. Firmware 20 continues to be rolled out to the Fenix 6 devices. My guess is that you may have already received the firmware update 20 on your Fenix 6 watch already.

When will I get the Fenix 6 firmware version 20 on my Fenix 6 device?

The new firmware is being released in a phased manner. As of now (December 2021), 20% of the eligible Fenix 6 devices would have received the firmware update. Such Fenix 6 devices could deploy the firmware through the Garmin connect app and the Garmin express software on your computer.

The pace of firmware propagation from Garmin to the Fenix 6 devices is likely to pick up in the near term. We expect most Fenix 6 devices to receive the firmware update release version 20 in the next couple of weeks. Also, we do not see any emergent need to try and push the firmware update or try to install it outside the phased approach adopter by Garmin for the Fenix 6 devices.

What has changed from the previous version of Fenix 6 firmware and the current firmware version 20?

A slew of changes have been brought about through the latest firmware update version 20 for the Fenix 6 devices. A lot has changed over the last firmware update that happened in the month of October 2021.

The following additional features have been added to the Fenix 6 devices through the firmware update to version 20:

  • Added ability to turn off recording an activity during a golf round.
  • Added an alert to notify user when battery is critically low during a music sync.
  • Added HRV Support from chest strap for Yoga and breathwork.
  • Added pop-up to Pulse Ox Measuring feature if the device detects too much movement and cannot get an accurate measurement.
  • Added support for new biking activity profiles: eBike, eMTB, Cyclocross, Gravel Bike, Bike Commute, Bike Tour, and Road Bike.
  • Added support for the HIIT activity profile and workouts.
  • Added support for the Pickleball profile.
  • Added support for the Padle profile.
  • Added support for the snowshoe activity profile.
  • Added support for the tennis activity profile.
  • Added new tips to indicate which activities support Incident detection.

The following improvements have been made to the Fenix 6 devices through the latest firmware version 20 on Garmin Fenix 6:

  • Improved accuracy of Surf wave count algorithm.
  • Improved Explore Sync app waypoint load times.
  • Improved Lactate Threshold and Altitude Acclimation algorithms.
  • Improved measurement loading UI when taking an SpO2 measurement.
  • Update the altimeter’s auto calibration to be either be “On” or “Nightly”. Setting to “On” will calibrate at night, activity start, and continuously during activities. Setting to “Nightly” will set the device to only calibrate altitude at night. (Models without DEM maps will not perform continuous calibration during activities)

The following outstanding issues have been fixed through the firmware version 20 of Garmin Fenix 6 devices:

  • Fixed issue with alarms intermittently not going off when the device is set in Max. Battery Mode.
  • Fixed display issues on the device after navigating to a point initiated by the Garmin Explore App.
  • Fixed issue where selecting a single point on a map that contained multiple items would not display the items properly.
  • Fixed issue that would corrupt open water swim activity files.
  • Fixed issue where PacePro bands would not be recognized by the device.
  • Fixed issue with updating aviation data over wifi.
  • Fixed issue with activities reporting incorrect Activity Calories and Training Effect data.

The firmware version 20 is a major firmware release, that comes with incremental features for the Fenix 6 devices.

Fenix 6 Pro

I have not received the firmware update to version 20. Can I download it manually on my Fenix 6?

Yes, you can install the firmware version 20 manually on your Fenix 6 device. We, however, still recommend that you allow the firmware update to be pushed through Garmin express and Garmin connect app on your Fenix 6 device. Should you still wish to apply the firmware manually, you will need to download the corresponding firmware files on your computer:

Download links for firmware version 20 for Fenix 6 devices:


Is this firmware update available for Fenix 6 APAC devices?

The firmware update 20 will be pushed to the APAC devices in a gradual manner. The firmware should not be downloaded manually through the links shared by Garmin, as these files are not meant for the Fenix 6 devices in the APAC region. If you are in an APAC country, please wait for the firmware update notification on your Fenix 6 device. Use Garmin express and the Garmin connect app to update the firmware to version 20 on APAC Fenix 6 devices.

Users from India, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and China are requested to wait for the firmware for an organic installation on your Fenix 6 device.

How will the firmware version 20 install on my fenix 6 device?

The firmware update to version 20 on a Garmin Fenix 6 device is a seamless process.

  • Garmin pushes the firmware to the Garmin express program on your computer.
  • The updates get pushed through a good Internet connection. So, as a Fenix 6 user, you will need to make sure that the computer has a good internet connection for downloading the latest firmware update version 20.
  • Garmin express pushes the firmware update to the Garmin connect app. For this, we need to make sure that the Bluetooth connection between your Fenix 6 device and the computer is in good health. Since the update may take some time, you need to also make sure that Fenix 6 device is adequately charged.
  • Once the update is installed by the Garmin connect app, your Fenix 6 device is good to go in terms of the latest firmware version 20 of the Garmin Fenix 6 devices.


Garmin’s firmware for the Fenix 6 devices has been updated to the release version 20. The update has already been rolled out to a fifth of the eligible Fenix 6 devices. We expect the remaining Fenix 6 devices to be patched with the latest firmware over the course of next few weeks.

For people looking to manually update to the Fenix 6 firmware version 20, Garmin has published the firmware files for each Fenix 6 model. We have shared these links with you to manually update the Fenix 6 devices to the latest firmware version 20.

If you were to take my word, wait for the firmware update to be made available for your Fenix 6 device.

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