LinkedIn to bow out of China

Microsoft’s LinkedIn will pull out of China later this year. The development would not come as a surprise to the observers of the latest happenings in the tech sector of China. China has been pushing its tech sector over the previous few months. Crackdown on Alibaba and Didi were some of the more intense events in the tech sector, that have affected the confidence of tech companies in China.

The decision to leave China for LinkedIn comes in the wake of last week’s blocking of US journalists’ profiles in China. This incident seemed to have taken the company on a path that differs significantly with the values that Microsoft shares with its customers and supporters. Expectedly, the decision to block US journalists’ in China did not go down well within the United States. The company, therefore, decided to bow out of the localized version of LinkedIn for the Chinese professionals.

Pushed against the stringent demands of the Chinese Government, Microsoft seems to have taken a decision that will conform to its long term credentials as a valued company. The company has shared on its blog –

We recognized that operating a localized version of LinkedIn in China would mean adherence to requirements of the Chinese government on Internet platforms. While we strongly support freedom of expression, we took this approach in order to create value for our members in China and around the world. We also established a clear set of guidelines to follow should we ever need to re-evaluate our localized version of LinkedIn in China.