KB5009586 Monthly Rollup for Windows Server 2012

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KB5009586 is a monthly rollup update that applies to Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012 (Core Server Installation). It was released on January 11, 2022. However, the update ran into issues. Early adopters of the monthly rollup update revealed the issues that impacted Windows Server 2012 after installing the KB5009586 monthly rollup updates. We discuss these issues in detail below. Subsequent to the issue disclosure, Microsoft released a new emergency out of band update for Windows Server 2012. This out of band update, KB5010797, resolves the issues brought to the fore upon installing KB5009586 on the Windows Server 2012.

  • If you have deployed KB5009586 on the Windows Server 2012, you can install the emergency update KB5010797 on top of it. KB5009586 update weighs 396.9 MB. KB5010797 is a standalone package that weighs 58.8 MB. The difference is size does suggest that both, KB5009586 and KB5010797 need to be in place on the Windows Server 2012.
  • Also, please do remember that KB5009586 is a monthly rollup update. The security only update for Windows Server 2012 is KB5009619 that weighs 58.8 MB. This was released on January 11 2022.

KB5010797 is supposed to fix what got broken with KB5009586 and KB5009619. For KB5009586, KB5010797 is to be installed as a standalone package. For KB5009619, the KB5010797 should supersede it. It may be a bit overbearing at this point. When in doubt, compare the size of the updates and you will get a firm pointer about the nature of both updates.

  • KB5010797 is 58.8 MB.
  • KB5009619 is 58.8 MB.
  • KB5009586 is 396.9 MB.

KB5010797 Emergency Update for Windows Server 2012

KB5010797 emergency update has been released by Microsoft on 17th January, 2022. That is precisely less than a week from the date of release of the KB5009586 monthly rollup update for Windows Server 2012. Since this is an emergency update, you can deploy this manually. Automatic download and patching of KB5010797 is not possible.

  • You can download KB5010797 for Windows Server 2012 from the Microsoft update catalog. Here is the download link for KB5010797. Size of update file is 58.8 MB.

If you so desire, you can manually import KB5010797 into WSUS or Windows Server Update Service. Automatically updating using Windows Update, Windows Update for business and WSUS is not possible; manual intervention through WSUS or manual download through the catalog are the only 2 possible options available for patching Windows Server 2012 with KB5010797.

This update fixes the following issues on Windows Server 2012:

  • Boot loop on servers running Windows Server 2012 after patching with KB5009586. Boot loops are known to have impact the domain controllers after patching with KB5009586.
  • Hyper VM based virtual machines may break and not come up after installing the monthly rollup update KB5009586 on Windows Server 2012. Virtualization layer seems to be broken after installing the monthly rollup update KB5009586.
  • LDAP bindings may fail on the Active Directory servers.

Reportedly, the new security update KB5010797 for Windows Server 2012 does not seem to have any adverse reports thus far. So, there is nothing to suggest that you should not patch with KB5010797 on Windows Server 2012.

How can I install KB5009586 on Windows Server 2012?

KB5009586 monthly rollup update for Windows Server 2012 can be installed in one of the following four ways:

  • KB5009586 can be downloaded and installed using Windows Update.
  • KB5009586 can be installed using Windows Update for Business.
  • KB5009586 can be automatically synchronized on the Windows Server Update Service (WSUS) and deployed on the Windows Server 2012. You will need to configure the WSUS to work with Windows Server 2012 for security updates.
  • KB5009586 can also be manually downloaded using the Microsoft update catalog link. If you wish to download the KB5009586 manually, you can do so from the following page on the Microsoft Update catalog. You will need to download the 396.9 MB file for an x64 AMD 64 processor. For Windows Embedded 8 Standard for x86 and x64 systems, you will find the download links on the same catalog page.

Once patched with KB5009586, you will still need to patch with the KB5010797 to resolve the issues that may happen on the server after deploying KB5009586.

What are the Known Issues resolved in KB5009586?

KB5009586 lists an issue wherein you are unable to carry file and folder operations on the Clustered Shared Volume (CSV) with an error – STATUS_BAD_IMPERSONATION_LEVEL (0xC00000A5). Microsoft suggests that we carry out these operations with an account that does have administrative privileges or perform the operations on a node that does not have CVS ownership.

Aside from the original issue, the subsequent issues find a resolution in the KB5010797 security update for Windows Server 2012.


KB5009586 monthly rollup update for January needs to be incrementally patched with KB5010797 emergency out of band security update on a Windows Server 2012. Together with KB5010797, the KB5009586 update brings in product improvements and resolves security vulnerbilities on the Windows Server 2012.

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