KB5008353 optional update for enhancing Windows 11 performance

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Windows 11 has had intermittent, yet innumerable, performance issues. There have been issues with the desktop window manager, a sluggish file explorer, and a taskbar that gets broken here or there. You will be happy to note that Microsoft seems to have been quietly working on the feedback. It has rolled out an optional Windows 11 update KB5008353 that seeks to address many known issues on Windows 11. The eventual aim is to improve the end user experience on the Windows 11 operating system based computers. We look at some of the key advancements that have been achieved through the KB5008353 optional update for Windows 11. We also look at the other details of the KB5008353 update for Windows 11.

The KB5008353 optional update was released for the retail ring on 25th January, 2022. It will update your Windows 11 build to 22000.469.

How can I download KB5008353 for Windows 11?

You can download the KB5008353 using the Windows Update program on your Windows 11 computer. You will need to look into the optional updates to pull this update to your computer. You will need to go to the Windows Updates —>Advanced Updates —-> View Optional Updates. You will see the optional update KB5008353 for the retail group. Click on ‘Download and Install’ to install the KB5008353 optional update on the Windows 11 computer.

Do remember that the KB5008353 optional update has got nothing to do with the Windows 11 monthly rollup or security updates that were released in the month of January 2022. The KB5008353 optional update is useful for people who are affected by one of the many bugs on the Windows 11 computers. Microsoft has released a detailed note about the various fixes and improvements that have been a part of the KB5008353 optional update. You can read more about the bugs, improvements, and other details about the KB5008353 on this page.

We expect that these improvements will eventually become a part of the cumulative update for Windows 11 for the month of February. You could wish to delay patching the KB5008353 and wait until the second Tuesday of February. That is the time when these improvements should be released as part of the cumulative update.

You can also download the KB5008353 update for Windows 11 from the Microsoft Update Catalog page for KB5008353 The update weighs 226.7 MB for x64 and 280.5 MB for ARM64 processors.

As of now, the KB5008353 update is unavailable through Windows Update for Business or the Windows Server Update Service (WSUS).

What performance improvements have taken place in KB5008353?

Windows 11 users have passed their reviews about the KB5008353. Upon installing the KB5008353 optional update on Windows 11, most users have remarked about performance improvements. We list some of these improvements below:

  • the biggest gains have been on the file explorer performance of Windows 11. File explorer issues had been affecting Windows 11. Users would have had to wait for seconds before the file explorer on Windows 11 would do its bit. It was bad to the extent that all sorts of optimization techiques arrived on the scene to improve file explorer performance and speed for the Windows 11 based computers. Not all Windows 11 systems were affected with this. However, the ones that were affected were badly crippled for basic file and folder transactions and operations. Installing the KB5008353 optional update for Windows 11 has resolved the slow performance or degraded performance of the file explorer on Windows 11 operating system.
  • NVMe write speeds have increased manifold for the early adopters of the KB5008353 optional update for Windows 11. In some cases, the NVMe write speeds have gone up by more than 3 times over the previously recorded write speeds.
  • Improvements in the virtual desktop responsiveness. The virtual desktops used to lag earlier when you would move from one virtual desktop to another.
  • Taskbar improvements have been a part of the KB5008353 optional update for Windows 11. Some of the taskbar issues that have been resolved include the issue with muted volume icon on the taskbar. Inconsistent auto-hide feature on the taskbar has also been taken care of in this update. Inability of the icons to show on taskbar of the secondary monitor has also been addressed.
  • There had been an issue with incorrect color rendering on HDR displays. This issue affected the rendering of white color, and it would appear as yellow or any other bright color in the rendered images. This issue has been fixed as part of the KB5008353 optional update.
  • Some users have experienced the issue or problems with Windows 11 shutting down after generating an error message – “IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL”. KB5008353 for Windows 11 fixes this issue as well.


KB5008353 is a nice update in the scheme of things for Windows 11. Slow and lagging performance on the desktop and Windows File Explorer has been taken care of in this optional update. There is nothing to suggest that the KB5008353 breaks anything on the Windows 11 computer. We feel that you must install this Windows 11 quality update at your earliest time of convenience.

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