Jeffries Morris ransomware incident update

New York based real estate firm Jeffries Morris is learned to have been subjected to a ransomware attack. We look at some available details of the ransomware attack on this firm.

Key points about the Jeffries Morris ransomware incident

  • Jeffries Morris Inc. suffered a ransomware incident on 20.01.23.
  • Over 100 GB of data of the firm has been encrypted by the threat actor.
  • Ransomhouse is believed to be the threat actor which targeted the Jeffries Morris Inc data.
  • The Jeffries Companies have three different companies. One of these companies is Jeffries Morris Inc which is located on 29 Broadway Street, New York.
  • At this point, it is not clear if the other two companies under the Jeffries Companies are subject to the attack.
  • The corporate website of the Jeffries Companies group is alive and responding well.
  • It remains unclear about the extent and type of data encrypted by the ransomware group.
  • It cannot be confirmed if any user data of the firm has been exploited or encrypted. On a similar note, it is not clear if any real estate dealings of the group have been accessed by the threat actor.
  • At this point, it does appear that no ransom has been paid by the company to the threat actor.

We will post an update on this ransomware incident as and when we hear from the Jeffries Morris Inc. group. The company has revenues in excess of $5 million in the previous financial year.

Ransomware threat on Jeffries Morris Inc

About Jeffries Morris Inc

Jeffries Morris Inc is a real estate arm of the Jeffries Companies. It provides acquisition, advisory, and asset management services for real estate companies with investments in Metropolitan New York.

The parent group has three independent corporate subsidiaries Jeffries Travis Realty Corp., Jeffries Leeland Company, Inc., and Jeffries Morris, Inc. Areas of activity are Hillsborough County Florida, Harris County Texas, Cook County Illinois, Charleston County South Carolina and Metropolitan New York.

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