Is Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 compatible with iPhone

No, Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is not compatible with iPhone. Since the last year’s launch of Galaxy Watch 4, Samsung smartwatches no longer work with iPhone or iOS devices. We look at the rationale of Samsung’s move away from the iOS.

Why Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 does not support iPhone?

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is based on the Wear OS version 3.5. Wear OS is the watch operating system that has been developed by Google. Samsung was one of the original companies to invest alongside Google for development of the Wear OS for the wearables market.

Prior to using Wear OS as the underlying operating system for Samsung Galaxy smartwatches, Samsung used the Tizen operating system on its watch. Tizen operating system is a proprietary operating system that has been developed and managed completely by Samsung and Intel. Both companies invested into development of the Tizen operating system. Galaxy smartwatches that are based on the Tizen operating system support Android and iOS devices. A couple of years back, Samsung decided to move away from Tizen operating system.

In migrating away from Tizen to Google’s Wear OS, Samsung decided to keep the Samsung Galaxy watches for Android devices only.

It may be pertinent to mention that there are smartwatch manufacturers that use wear OS and support Android and iOS devices alike. Mont Blanc’s Summit 3 watch works on the Wear OS and supports Android and iOS devices alike.

The decision to restrict support for iOS devices or iPhone on the Galaxy smartwatch 4 and Galaxy smartwatch 5 seems to be a Samsung affair. Google’s Wear OS version 2, Wear OS version 3 and Wear OS version 3.5 does support iOS devices.

Why should I buy a Samsung Galaxy Watch 5?

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 may be limited to Android devices only. But, it does offer value for money variants that tick most boxes for smartwatch owners. The watch is priced between $319.99 to $499.99. We believe that Samsung Watch 5 makes a compelling choice for Android based smartwatches due to the following reasons.

Fast Processor

Samsung Watch 5 and Samsung Watch 5 Pro are based on the Samsung’s Exynos 920 processor with 1.5 GB internal memory. Both smartwatch variants have 16 GB internal ROM storage for storing personal audio content.

Sapphire Glass

Samsung Watch 5 and Watch 5 Pro come with Sapphire Glass. Sapphire glass is hard glass and is almost scratch-proof. Sapphire watches can take normal wear and tear of the watch more easily. To give you a perspective, Garmin uses Sapphire glass on the Fenix 6 and Fenix 7 devices. None of the Sapphire glass watches from Garmin cost less than $699.99. Given this background, Samsung Watch 5 Sapphire Glass is available for as low as $319.99.


Super AMOLED display on Samsung Watch 5 and Samsung Watch 5 Pro is one of the strongest points of the Galaxy Watch 5 series smartwatches. Super AMOLED display affords a much better display resolution and improved display clarity with much better contrast ratio. The 40 mm Samsung Watch 5 has display resolution of 396 x 396 pixels. The 45 mm Samsung Watch 5 variant has a display resolution of 450 x 450 pixels. Only the Apple Watch 8 comes closer to Samsung Watch 5’s display performance and display resolution.


Samsung Watch 5 series smartwatches are based on the 3 in one bio sensors that track heart rate. Samsung’s Health app has the ECG feature that allows you to take on demand ECG readings that can be shared with your doctor. Samsung’s ECG feature is available in specific countries. So, you may want to check if the ECG feature is available in your country or not. Plus, it needs the paired smartphone to be a Galaxy smartphone.


Samsung uses 284 mAH and 410 mAH batteries on the Samsung Watch 5 40 mm and 45 mm variants. Samsung Watch 5 Pro is based on the 590 mAH battery for an extended battery life. Galaxy Watch 5 can last for up to 3.5 days on battery and the Watch 5 Pro could easily last up to 5 days due to bigger battery. Samsung Watch 5 and Watch 5 Pro support fast charging. You are back in business with over 50 percent charging within 45 minutes.

Google Pay

Samsung Watch 5 and Watch 5 Pro support Google Pay for NFC payments. You can add your Google Pay wallet account on the watch for contactless payments through the Galaxy watch on supporting merchant establishments.

Speaker and Microphone

In-built speaker and microphone are available on the Samsung Watch 5 and Samsung Watch 5 Pro series variants. What this means is that you can use the Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro for answering calls right off from the watch. And, you can listen to music directly from the smartwatch.

LTE Connectivity

LTE variants are available on Samsung Watch 5 and Samsung Watch 5 Pro. LTE variants allow you to connect to the network service provider from the Samsung Watch 5 directly. So, you do not need to carry your smartphone at all times. The LTE variant will allow seamless network connectivity from the Samsung Watch 5 and Samsung Watch 5 Pro directly.


Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and Watch 5 Pro would be the best Android smartwatches that money can buy right now. Both watches have premium features and offer value for money propositions. The ECG feature is one of the strong points of the Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro series smartwatches.

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