Is Kinsta worth it for WordPress hosting?

Kinsta offers managed WordPress hosting for businesses. The price point of Kinsta WordPress hosting is intended for people who need uptime in the range of four 9s or at least three 9s. What makes Kinsta so fast that people vouch for its exception speed? Customers have reported massive gains in Google’s ‘Core Web Vitals’ score for sites hosted on Kinsta after migrating from older hosts. We look at the key aspects of Kinsta’s WordPress hosting and how it has become to be recognized as one of the fastest available in the world.

C2 Compute Engine on Google Cloud

We know that Kinsta hosts on the Google Cloud Platform. It allows you to choose a Google Cloud datacenter from one of the 34 locations spread across the globe. You can choose one of the 11 datacenters from the United States or from one of the 10 in the European continent.

There are many web hosts that host on the Google Cloud Platform. The unique differentiator in the case of Kinsta is the use of C2 compute engine on the Google Cloud. C2 compute engine or instances on Google Cloud starts with 4 vCPUs and 16 GB RAM. These instances can go up to 60 vCPUs and 240 GB RAM. When you host with Kinsta, you are sure that the compute instances are above the ordinary compute instances.

LXD Containerization for WordPress sites

When you host a WordPress site on Kinsta, your site gets a virtual environment that is isolated from other sites hosted on the same server. LXD is a Linux container solution.

LXD is a next generation system container and virtual machine manager. It offers a unified user experience around full Linux systems running inside containers or virtual machines.

from Linux Containers website.

You will notice that LXD implementation of Kinsta helps in offering an isolated and protected environment for hosting your WordPress site. This also helps in augmenting security for your website. You need not be wary of other sites that could pose risks to your business website because each website runs in independent logical LAMP stack.

Kinsta utilizes LXD managed hosts and orchestrated LXC software containers for each site. What this means is that every WordPress site is housed in its own isolated container, which has all of the software resources required to run it (Linux, Nginx, PHP, MySQL). The resources are 100% private and are not shared between anyone else or even your own sites.

from Kinsta website

Caching on Kinsta

Caching improves page speed scores and helps in improving the ‘Core Web Vitals’ score and compliance of your website. Generally, a web host would give you a server side cache. WordPress hosts will, additionally, offer caching plugins to store static content for faster rendering of your website.

Kinsta works on caching at multiple levels. It allows you to use:

  • Redis object cache for additional costs to cache database queries.
  • OPcache for Bytecode caching to cache PHP code to avoid repetitive compilation of PHP code.
  • NGINX FastCGI page level caching to cache static content at the page level.
  • CDN Caching or Content Delivery Network caching that puts the static content like images and JavaScript files on edge locations of the CDN provider like Cloudflare or Rocket CDN.

The best part about caching on Kinsta is that you do not need to configure any of these. All these cache settings are automatically applied to Kinsta hosted WordPress website.

Cloudflare CDN on Kinsta

Kinsta has an in-built integration with Cloudflare CDN. Cloudflare is by far the best CDN or Content Delivery Network in the world with multiple edge locations across the globe. As per the latest information, Cloudflare has 275 edge locations that are spread all over the globe. Kinsta’s CDN integration implies that your website would make use of Cloudflare’s edge locations from the word go. Most of your static content gets placed at the edge locations that are closer to your visitor locations. This ensures that your server has lesser elements to serve to the website visitors. This also means that your server’s bandwidth usage would reduce and you will be able to conserve a large part of it. The bandwidth of static assets gets consumed from the CDN provider’s edge locations.

CDN or Content Delivery Networks take a lot of load off your server. A good CDN provider helps to improve end user experience by reducing latency. The web host gains in the form of lesser load and lesser requests to handle from the web server.


Kinsta offers faster hosting for WordPress sites on account of its unique infrastructure planning and deployment. Linux containerization is one of the best aspects of Kinsta’s WordPress managed hosting that improves security and performance of individual WordPress websites. If you have the budget, there can be nothing better than Kinsta for managed WordPress hosting.

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