Intel i9-13900K vs i9-13900F core processors

Intel i9-13900K and i9-13900F are 13th-generation i9 processors. i9-13900F is a relatively newer variant as it was released in Quarter 1 of 2023. i9-13900K was released by Intel in Quarter 4 of 2022.

We compare i9-13900K and i9-13900F core processors.

Main differences

  • i9-13900K has an integrated display adapter while the i9-13900F does not come with an in-built display adapter or engine.
  • i9-13900K is faster than i9-13900F as you can see the base frequency and maximum turbo frequency for both processors.
  • i9-13900K consumes more power than i9-13900F. This is especially true in the case of the base power

CPU basics

Processor detailsi9-13900Ki9-13900F
Generation13th generation13th generation
ArchitectureRaptop LakeRaptop Lake
Preceding processori9-12900Ki9-12900F
UsagePC/Client/Tablet, WorkstationPC/Client/Tablet
LithographyIntel 7Intel 7
Release dateQ4-2022Q1-2023

CPU Cores

CPU Coresi9-13900Ki9-13900F
Total cores2424
Performance cores88
Efficient cores1616
CPU SocketFCLGA1700FCLGA1700
T Junction100°C100°C

There are no differences between i9-13900K and i9-13900F in terms of CPU cores and threads.

CPU Speed

CPU Speedi9-13900Ki9-13900F
Performance core – Base Frequency3.00 GHz2.00 GHz
Performance core – Turbo frequency5.40 GHz5.20 GHz
Efficient core – Base frequency2.20 GHz1.50 GHz
Efficient core – Turbo Frequency4.30 GHz4.20 GHz
Intel Turbo Boost Max Frequency5.70 GHz5.50 GHz
Intel Thermal Velocity Boost Frequency5.80 GHz5.60 GHz
Max Turbo Frequency5.80 GHz5.60 GHz

i9-13900K is faster than i9-13900F. This is clear from the base frequency data for the performance and efficient cores in the processor.

CPU Cache

Total L3 cache (shared)36 MB36 MB
Total L2 cache32 MB32 MB
L2 cache per core2 MB2 MB

L3 Cache on i9-13900K and i9-13900F has increased to 36 MB. The 12th generation Intel core processors have a 30 MB L3 cache.


Memory detailsi9-13900Ki9-13900F
Total memory supported128 GB128 GB
Memory channels22
DDR 5 Memory supportYesYes
DDR 5 Memory Maximum Speed5600 MT/s (mega transfers per second)5600 MT/s (mega transfers per second)
DDR 4 Memory Maximum Speed3200 MT/s (mega transfers per second)3200 MT/s (mega transfers per second)
Maximum Memory Bandwidth89.6 GB/s89.6 GB/s
ECC Memory compatibleYesNo

i9-13900K and i9-13900F support DDR 4 and DDR 5 RAM. Both processors offer the same memory bandwidth.

CPU Graphics

Processor graphicsi9-13900Ki9-13900F
Graphics engineUHD Graphics 770Not integrated
Graphics Base frequency300 MHzNot integrated
Graphics Max Dynamic frequency1.65 GHzNot integrated
Graphics outputeDP 1.4b, DP 1.4a, HDMI 2.1
Max Resolution eDP5120 x 3200 @ 120Hz
Max Resolution7680 x 4320 @ 60Hz
Max Resolution (HDMI)4096 x 2160 @ 60Hz
Number of displays supported4

i9-13900F does not come with an integrated display. i9-13900K has an in-built graphics engine that uses the UHD 770 processor graphics engine.

The integrated display or in-built display of i9-13900K is the major differentiator with i9-13900F core processor.

Expansion options

Slot expansionsi9-13900Ki9-13900F
Direct Media Interface (DMI) Revision version44
Max DMI lanes88
PCIe 5 compatibleYesYes
PCIe 4 compatibleYesYes
PCI Express configurationUp to 1×16+4, 2×8+4Up to 1×16+4, 2×8+4
Max PCI lanes2020

Power consumption

Power usagei9-13900Ki9-13900F
Base power125 Watts65 Watts
Maximum Turbo power253 Watts219 Watts

i9-13900K consumes more power than the i9-13900F. The base power consumed by i9-13900K is almost double of the power consumption by i9-13900F.

Final verdict

Our money goes to i9-13900K because it is faster, has higher frequency, and can use the DDR 5 memory on a compatible motherboard.

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