Intel i9-13900K vs i9-12900K

Intel released the 13th generation i9 core processor in Q4 2022. This supersedes the 12th generation i9 core processor that was released in Q4 2021. We look at the various improvements made between the 12th generation and 13th generation i9 core processors below.

i9-13900K makes progress on the cache, L2 cache, processor frequency and the number of threads for multi-thread processing. We look at the actual numbers in the section given below.

How is i9-13900K better than i9-12900K?

i9-13900K achieves steady progress in the CPU specifications. Compared to i9-12900K, the i9-13900K processor has added cores and improved upon the frequency of the processors.

CPU Specifications of i9-13900K and i9-12900K

CPU Cores24
(16 efficient and 8 performance)
(8 efficient and 8 performance)
Cache (Intel Smart Cache)36 MB30 MB
L2 Cache32MB14 MB
Base Frequency Efficient Cores2.20 GHz2.40 GHz
Base Frequency Performance Cores3.00 GHz3.20 GHz
Turbo Frequency Efficient Cores4.30 GHz3.90 GHz
Turbo Frequency Performance Cores5.40 GHz5.10 GHz
CPU Benchmark PassMark Score5443341473

i9-13900K has 24 cores with 16 efficient cores and 8 performance cores. i9-12900K had 16 cores with 8 efficient cores and 8 performance cores.

Addition of 8 efficient cores on the i9-13900K has resulted in an increase in the PassMark score of the i9-13900K. i9-13900 has a single thread PassMark score of 4833 and multi-thread PassMark score of 54433. i9-12900K has a single thread CPU score of 2624 and multi-thread CPU benchmark score of 41473. Expectedly, the PassMark CPU benchmark score of i9-13900K is almost 30 percent higher than the benchmark score of i9-12900K.

i9-13900K also has higher number of threads. It has 32 threads in comparison with i9-12900K’s 24 threads.

A significant improvement can be seen in terms of the cache of i9-13900K. The L2 cache has taken a quantum leap from 14 MB cache on i9-12900K to 32 MB on the i9-13900K. This is inspite of keeping the power usage same across both processors at 125 Watts.

Memory Specifications of i9-13900K and i9-12900K

We can see that i9-13900K has support for DDR5 RAM with speeds going up to 5600 MT/s (mega transfers per sec). There is marginal improvement in the memory throughput on the i9-13900K processor. i9-13900K can push memory throughput up to 89.6 GB per second.

Memory Featuresi9-13900Ki9-12900K
Max Memory Capacity128 GB128 GB
DDR5 Memory Speed5600 MT/s4800 MT/s
DDR4 Memory Speed3200 MT/s3200 MT/s
Max Memory Bandwidth89.6 GB/s76.8 GB/s
Max number of Memory Channels22

Aside from the incremental changes on the CPU specifications and Memory specifications, i9-13900K and i9-12900K share most core specifications and features. Both processors work with the FCLGA1700 socket. On a similar note, i9-13900K and i9-12900K has UHD770 integrated graphics.

i9-13900K becomes the latest and preferred CPU for gaming enthusiasts.