How to upgrade to PowerShell 7.2.7?

Microsoft released a stable release version of Powershell 7.2.7 in October 2022. Powershell 7.2.7 supercedes Powershell 7.2.6. The update is available through Windows Update and WSUS. The latest version files will be made available through WSUS or Windows Update in a phased manner.

Powershell 7.2.7 has now been replaced by Powershell 7.3.0. You can read about upgrading from Powershell 7.2.7 to Powershell 7.3.0 on this page.

In the event you plan to upgrade to Powershell 7.2.7 immediately, please follow the guide below to upgrade to Powershell 7.2.7.

Before we install Powershell 7.2.7 on the computer, it would be a good idea to launch the current install of Powershell. In my case, I had Powershell 7.2.6. Upon launching Powershell from the command prompt, I was given an upgrade notification by Microsoft as displayed in the screenshot below.

  1. Launch Powershell through the command prompt on Windows 11 by typing the command ‘pwsh’.
  2. Once Powershell launches, it may display an update notification as per the screen grab below.
Powershell upgrade message

3. The upgrade notification shows that the Powershell 7.2.7 update files are available for the computer.

To upgrade from Powershell 7.2.6, you can download Powershell installer files from the Microsoft site. There are multiple ways to install Powershell 7.2.7. However, I prefer to install Powershell on the Windows platform through the MSI package.

The instructions below cater to installing Powershell 7.2.7 or upgrading to Powershell 7.2.7 using an MSI package. You can choose to use winget, zip package, or through the Microsoft app store for installing Powershell 7.2.7.

  1. Visit Microsoft’s Powershell install page to fetch the latest MSI package for Powershell 7.2.7. You can get the package from this page.
  2. The installer file for the x64 Windows platform is named PowerShell-7.2.7-win-x64. The size of the MSI file is 104 MB.
  3. Download x64 version of Powershell 7.2.7 for Windows from this page.
  4. Download x86 version of Powershell 7.2.7 for Windows from this page.
  5. Once the installer file has been downloaded, launch the installer to start the installation process of Powershell 7.2.7.
Powershell 7.2.7 install

6. Choose the installation folder. Or, you could let Powershell install in the default folder location as displayed below in the screen capture.

7. For most Powershell installations, it is fine to keep the default settings for the installation. I am not a big fan of ‘Powershell remoting’. Therefore, Powershell remoting is not enabled as part of the default installation of Powershell 7.2.7

8. You can choose to enable Powershell updates through WSUS or Windows Update on the next screen. The screen below enabled Powershell updates through WSUS or Microsoft update.

9. Click on the install button on the next screen as displayed in the screen capture below. This will initiate the process of installing Powershell 7.2.7 on the Windows computer. The process starts with disk space calculations. If the available storage space is sufficient, Powershell installation commences.

You need to ensure that Powershell is closed before trying to initiate the installation of Powershell 7.2.7 on the computer. The installation will fail if an earlier install of Powershell is in an ‘open’ state.

10. The final step is the confirmation of the installation of Powershell 7.2.7 However, we suggest that you must validate the successful installation of Powershell 7.2.7 by using the pwsh command on the command promt.

11. In my case, I was able to apply Powershell 7.2.7 on my Windows 11 computer. I validated the successful install through the pwsh command as per the screen displayed below.

You can validate from the screen capture that the Powershell 7.2.7 is now the active Powershell version on the computer.

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