How to find Wi-Fi password in Windows 11?

Windows 11 stores wi-fi key or password information. You can access the Wi-Fi password on Windows 11 computer through the Wi-Fi network configuration screen.

To access the Wi-Fi password stored in Windows 11, you will need to follow the process below:

  • Open System using Windows + X key
  • Access the Network & Internet options
  • Click on Wi-Fi
  • Click on the Wi-Fi network name for which you need the Wi-FI password
  • Scroll down on the Wi-Fi network’s configuration page
  • Find an option that says -‘View Wi-Fi Security Key’. Click on View.
  • The subsequent screen will list the Wi-Fi password for the specific Wi-Fi network.

We will now perform the process below for ready action.

Click on the Windows key and X key to bring up an option to click on ‘System’.

System menu on Windows 11

Once you are in the System settings, click on Network & internet to bring up the following screen. On the Network & internet page, click on the Wi-Fi for which you need the password.

Wi-Fi settings on Network & internet

When you click on Wi-Fi, you will be taken to the next screen that lists all the Wi-Fi networks on the computer. We will pick a Wi-Fi network for which we need the Wi-Fi password. The same is highlighted below in the screenshot from a Windows 11 computer.

Wi-Fi properties in network & internet configuration.

When we choose the Wi-Fi network for which we need to find the Wi-Fi password, we can click it. The subsequent screen contains all the Wi-Fi settings, including the Wi-Fi password. We need to scroll down on this screen to find the View Wi-Fi Security key option.

Wi-Fi settings on Windows 11

Click on the ‘View’ button next to ‘View Wi-Fi Security key’. You will get a screen like the one displayed below. The Wi-Fi security key or the Wi-Fi password is displayed on this page.

Wi-Fi security key on Windows 11

This page contains the Wi-Fi password or Wi-Fi security key on a Windows 11 computer. Once you have made a note of it, you can close the page and get out of the Wi-Fi settings and Network & internet configuration page.

To reiterate the steps that we took to get to the Wi-Fi password or Wi-Fi security key on a Windows 11 computer:

  • We need to get into Network & internet configuration page.
  • We will choose the Wi-Fi network and head to the properties page of the Wi-Fi network.
  • You will see an option to ‘View Wi-Fi security key’ on the properties page. Click on that option to bring up the Wi-Fi security key or Wi-Fi password for the Windows 11 computer.

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