How to enable focus session in Windows 11?

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Focus session or focus mode on Windows 11 is a productivity app. The focus mode can be enabled in a quick and easy way through the System control panel applet in Windows 11.

In this tutorial, we look at the method to enable focus sessions on Windows 11 computers. The default focus session is for a period of 30 minutes. However, you can change the duration of the focus session as per your choice.

Before enabling the Focus session on a Windows 11 computer, we must have a basic idea about the idea behind a focus session. A focus session is supposed to help in the following ways:

  • A focus timer will appear on your screen
  • Do not disturb will turn on
  • Apps in the taskbar won’t flash to alert you
  • Badge notifications on apps in the taskbar will turn off

To enable a focus session on a Windows 11 computer, we need to follow the brief process stated below:

  • Use Windows key + X + Y to open System settings on Windows 11 computer
  • Click on System in the left column
  • Click on Focus option.
  • Use the play button to ‘Start Focus Session’

If needed, you can change the user-configurable settings for the Focus session. The settings that you can change for a focus session include the following:

  • Show the timer in the Clock app
  • Hide badges on taskbar apps
  • Hide flashing on taskbar apps
  • Turn on do not disturb

By default, these settings are checked when you enable or start a focus session on Windows 11 computer. You can choose to keep all these options pre-selected. Or, you could choose to uncheck any option you are not happy with.

We run through the entire process of enabling a focus session on Windows 11 computer based on the process stated above.

First, we will use the Windows Key + X + Y to bring up the System applet on Windows 11 computer. Alternatively, you can press Windows Key and X key simultaneously to bring up the System context menu shared below. From this system context menu, choose System to open the System applet from the control panel of a Windows 11 computer.

System menu Windows 11 computer

Once you are in the System applet, you will be in the About section. We need to get to the root of the System applet. We can do that by clicking the System link in the left column. Or, you can click on System in the System > About menu to bring up the System applet’s root page.

System menu in Windows 11

Once you bring up the System page, we need to select the ‘Focus’ option from the available options. There is a down arrow right next to Focus. Click on that to bring up the configuration settings of the Focus mode on a Windows 11 computer.

Focus mode Windows 11

You will see the Focus screen like the one displayed below. We need to press the ‘Start focus session’ to initiate a focus session of 30 minutes. The user-configurable settings are part of this page.

Focus session on Windows 11 computer

The focus session, once initiated, will show a timer on the Windows 11 toolbar right next to the clock. It shows the focus timer and allows you to make changes to the timer or pause the focus session anytime you desire.

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