How to enable automatic backlight on Fenix 7?

Fenix 7 smartwatch can be configured to use the automatic backlight feature and turn the backlight based on wrist gestures. You could choose to turn on the automatic backlight after sunset or at all times. Or, you could turn off wrist gestures and disable the automatic backlight feature on the Fenix 7.

Here is the process that you could use to enable automatic backlight on the Garmin Fenix 7 smartwatch:

  1. Bring up the Menu on the Fenix 7 screen.
  2. Go to Settings and choose System.
  3. Within ‘System’, you will see the option to configure ‘Backlight’.
  4. Press the Backlight option and this will bring up a set of options to alter or modify Backlight settings for the Fenix 7 smartwatch.
  5. Press ‘General Use’ to bring up the ‘Wrist Gesture’ settings.
  6. The ‘Wrist Gesture’ settings on the Garmin Fenix 7 smartwatch allow us to turn on the backlight at all times or after sunset.
  7. When you press on ‘Wrist Gesture’, you will see an option to turn the wrist gestures to off, on, or after sunset.
  8. If you use the ‘on’ option for ‘Wrist gestures’, the screen of Fenix 7 will backlight anytime there is a wrist gesture or movement. If you use the ‘After sunset’ option, the backlight would turn on automatically on wrist gesture.

Automatic backlighting on Fenix 7 makes the user experience more convenient and desirable. You could choose to keep the wrist gestures off. If you choose to keep wrist gestures off, you will need to use the tactile buttons on the Fenix 7 to turn on the backlight manually.

We believe that the instructions above will help you in setting up the wrist gestures on Fenix 7. If you are overwhelmed with these, you may spend a minute and see the exact process to turn on the automatic backlighting on Garmin Fenix 7 smartwatch models in this very carefully crafted Fenix 7 video.

If you do not prefer automatic backlighting on Fenix 7, you can continue to bring up the backlight on Fenix 7 using the tactile buttons on the left part of the watch. Press the tactile button on Fenix 7 to bring up the backlight manually.

It may be pertinent to mention that automatic backlighting on Fenix 7 will add some load on the battery. So, you may want to be reasonably sure about your battery status before turning on the automatic backlights on your Fenix 7 device.

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