How do I start an activity on Garmin Fenix 7?

Fenix 7 comes with in-built activity tracking and multiple sports modes and activities. How do you start or stop activity on Fenix 7 smartwatch models? Let us look at the process and instructions below.

Start an activity on Garmin Fenix 7

To start an activity on Fenix 7, we will use the upper right tactile button. When we start the activity, it will continue to run in the background.

Unless we stop the activity manually, the activity tracking will continue to run and measure activity and recovery heart rate.

Here is how we can start an activity on Garmin Fenix 7 smartwatch. The instructions remain unchanged for all the watch models of the Fenix 7 smartwatch:

From the Fenix 7 watch body, press the upper right tactile button. (look at the video below to locate the button on the Fenix 7 watch body). You can see that START/STOP words are inscribed on the watch body on top of the tactile button.

This will bring you to the activity tracking menu. The next screen on the watch will list all the activities that can be tracked on your Fenix 7 smartwatch.

The list of activities is categorized into ‘Favorites’ for quick access to often-used activities. You can move up or down to choose the activity that needs to be tracked. The UP/DOWN buttons on Fenix 7 are located at the lower left side of the watch body.

Some of the activities that you may find in the list include Tennis, Golf, Stair Stepper, Expedition, Map, and others. You can actually download activities from the Connect IQ store linked to your Garmin Fenix 7 smartwatch.

Once you press the activity that needs to be tracked, you will be taken to the next level menu for detailed activity tracking configuration. For example, for a Tennis activity, you may get to choose between Outdoor or Indoor Tennis. Choose your options for activity tracking.

Press the START button on Fenix 7 watch body to initiate activity tracking.

At this point, activity tracking has started and will continue to run unless you use the START/STOP button to stop the activity.

You can press the ‘BACK’ button to go back to the watch face of the Fenix 7 watch.

If you have a watch with a touchscreen, you can use the touchscreen to bring up the activity tracking menu and options.

In summary:

  • Press the Start button on the upper right part of Fenix 7 to bring up the activities list. You can add more activities using the Connect IQ Store on Fenix 7.
  • Press the Start button the second time to start activity tracking.
  • Pressing the Start/Stop button the third time will stop activity tracking.
  • To choose an activity, you can use the UP/DOWN keys on the left bottom of the Fenix watch
  • To go back to the watch face, you can use the BACK button on the right bottom of the Fenix 7 watch.

If the instructions above overwhelm you, you can see a short video wherein activity tracking is initiated and stopped on a Garmin Fenix 7 using the tactile buttons.

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