Green screen on Apple watch

Green screen on an Apple watch is just like the blue screen of death of Windows. If your Apple watch display turns green, and is not responding to any manual measures, it can be considered as good as dead. To rule out any possible remediation of the Apple watch, we should seek out an expert opinion for sure.

Obviously, we suggest that you take the watch to an Apple repair center or an Apple store. Let the trained technicians of Apple run their scans on your Apple watch. But, most green screen cases on an Apple watch end up being hardware issues. And, it is next to impossible to resolve hardware issues on Apple watches. You can blame the lack of repairability to the ultra modern and compact design and architecture of the Apple watches. You carry a lot of tech and components in that Apple watch. Placing repaired items on the watch compartment is not possible, without any major side effects.

Which brings us to the options we have. If we have an AppleCare extended warranty, we may be able to get a replacement Apple watch. If we are outside standard warranty terms or the AppleCare extended warranty is finished, we have an option to get the watch repaired. In a way, repairing an Apple watch means a replacement Apple watch for a replacement fee. In most cases, you will get a refurbished watch for a discounted price. Also, I can definitely say that Apple does not try to short change you with replacement watches. The intent is to ensure that you get a working product without being extravagantly expensive and priced near the new watch price.

Finally, what should we do? Get an Apple watch for a replacement fee? This is a personal decision. I will actually go for a new Apple watch. It does not make much difference in terms of monetary amounts between getting a refurbished watch or a new watch. I will definitely buy the new Apple watch, and get a 2 year extended warranty with AppleCare.

In doing so i.e. making purchase of a new watch, I am ensuring a hassle free two years of Apple watch ownership. That is more than sufficient and a justification of the additional costs incurred in buying a new watch.

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