Google to invest $1.2 bn for German datacenters

Google has committed $1.2 billion investments in Germany. This will bring up the number of total datacenters for the Google cloud network from one to three. Currently, Google has a datacenter in Frankfurt. The plan is set to put additional two locations for Germany’s Google datacenters by 2030.

These cloud datacenters will be set up in the cities of Berlin and Hanau. The best part about these datacenters is that they will use clean power, generated by the French company Engie. Engie has promised that 80% of power that will be supplied to these datacenters will be carbon free. Google’s commitment to carbon free datacenters has been known worldwide.

Germany remains critical to cloud business of the 3 Internet giants – Amazon, Microsoft and Google. While Microsoft has attached significant importance to Germany and has two datacenter locations for commercial products in Germany, AWS and Google have datacenter in the Frankfurt location. Given the fact that Germany attaches a lot of importance to the strict data privacy laws, Google’s decision to implement new datacenters in Germany will boost Google’s cloud business for German business enterprises.