Google Pay becomes available in Israel

Google Pay, the payments gateway for online payments has been released for use in Israel. Smart phone users in Israel who make use of the Android operating system will be able to complete wireless payments through the Google Pay, going forward. Google Pay’s release comes nearly six months after the launch of Apple Pay in Israel in May 2021.

Google Pay in Israel

Users will need to unlock the phone and place it over the wireless sales terminal. Google Pay will help you to take payments off your payments account. The salient points of the release of Google Pay in Israel are mentioned below:

  • Android phone users with Android version 5.0 or higher will be able to make use of the Google Pay for wireless payments.
  • Over 80% smartphone users in Israel will be able to take advantage of Google Pay for in-store wireless payments.
  • Users will need to download the Google Pay app from the play store.
  • Users from Israel will need a credit card or Bank account information to top up the Google Pay balance through a digital wallet. Currently, the credit card companies in Israel include card offerings from Isracard, Visa Cal and Master card.
  • Bank cards or accounts that are integrated with the Google Pay include the Bank Hapoalim; Bank Leumi, including its Pepper subsidiary; Israel Discount Bank; Mizrahi Tefahot Bank; First International Bank; and Bank Yahav.

In terms of in-built security for the Google Pay app, the app:

  • does not store actual credit card details or data on the phone
  • a virtual credit card number aligned with the unique passcode is used for each transaction made through the Google pay.
  • if the phone is stolen, there is no need for the users to cancel the credit card and get a new one. No credit card data is on the phone, in any case.

Google Pay follows Apple Pay in trying to capture a part of the growing payments market in Israel. Only 7% payments happen through digital wallets as of now, though the rate of growth in the digital wallets is exponential.

Customers will require a digital wallet that is integrated with one of the credit card companies or Banks in Israel. One credit card account or the Bank account per digital wallet is allowed for default integration with Google Pay. Nothing stops you from adding additional cards or Bank accounts on the Google Pay account.