Garmin Venu 2 Plus – FAQs

Garmin Venu 2 Plus is one of the best Garmin smartwatches and is pitted right against the Apple Watch 7. Garmin Venu 2 Plus follows the Garmin Venu 2 smartwatch and improves the existing range of features on the Venu 2. We look at some key aspects and features of the Venu 2 Plus in brief.

  1. What size are the Venu 2 Plus smartwatches available in?

Venu 2 Plus comes in a size of 43 mm. It is designed for a wrist circumference of 125-190 mm. The display screen is 33 mm. Venu 2 Plus continues with the Garmin tradition of a round screen. The watch weighs 51 g. The watch has a 20 mm watch band made of silicon. The band can be easily replaced.

2. Does Venu 2 Plus have a stainless steel body?

No, the Venu 2 Plus smartwatch has a fiber enforced polymer body. The rear cover and the bezel of Venu 2 Plus are made of stainless steel. The bezel does look attractive in stainless steel finish.

3. Does Venu 2 Plus have an AMOLED display?

Yes, Venu 2 Plus has an AMOLED display. There are only a few Garmin smartwatches that have an AMOLED display. The benefit of an AMOLED screen lies in much better display resolution and an improved color density. Venu 2 Plus has a display resolution of 416 x 416 pixels. It is a vast improvement over the Vivoactive 4’s display resolution of 260 x 260 pixels.

4. Does Garmin Venu 2 Plus have GPS?

Yes, Garmin Venu 2 Plus supports GPS. It has support for the GPS satellite system of the US Government. It also works fine with European Space Agency’s Galileo satellite systems. And, GLONASS satellite system of the Russian Government is also supported by Venu 2 Plus smartwatch.

For better accuracy of locational data, Garmin suggests using GPS + GLONASS or GPS + Galileo for the GPS settings. Having a multi-point GNSS helps in improving the overall accuracy of GPS data. It also ensures that the GPS signals stay strong and adequate connectivity is available in dense city areas or deeply forested areas.

5. Is Garmin Venu 2 Plus swim-proof?

Yes, Garmin Venu 2 Plus is suitable for indoor pool swimming. It has a water rating of 5 ATM. A water rating of 5 ATM implies that the smartwatch can withstand a depth pressure of 5 atmospheres. Generally speaking, a 5 ATM water rating means that the watch can work up to 50 meters below sea or water level. That is, a Garmin Venu 2 Plus can take depth pressure at 165 feet below water level.

For watch safety and screen safety, we do suggest not wearing the Venu 2 Plus in seawater.

6. Can I shower with Venu 2 Plus?

Again, the 5 ATM water rating of the Venu 2 Plus is handy proof that you can wear the Venu 2 Plus while taking a shower. There should be no problems in doing so.

7. Does Venu 2 Plus have a cellular model?

No, Venu 2 Plus does not have a cellular model of the smartwatch. A cellular network smartwatch means that you can use the watch when your smartphone is not around. You can make calls and receive calls directly on the smartwatch.

The lack of cellular options on Venu 2 Plus is a major sore point. This is where the Apple Watch 7 and Samsung Watch 4 gain. Both offer cellular options for the Apple Watch 7 and Samsung Watch 4. This also does not allow Venu 2 Plus and other Garmin watches to make emergency calls upon detecting a fall or incident.

Sadly, the cellular option is unavailable on Fenix 6 and Fenix 7 smartwatches as well. Only the Forerunner 945 has a cellular option for the smartwatch.

8. How good is the battery life of the Garmin Venu 2 Plus?

Garmin smartwatches have extended battery life. Venu 2 Plus has pretty decent battery life.

  • On the smartwatch mode, Venu 2 Plus offers 9 days of backup.
  • Venu 2 Plus also has a battery saver mode that gives up to 10 days of backup.
  • On the GPS mode, Venu 2 Plus offers a backup of 24 hours.
  • On the GPS mode with music, Venu 2 Plus can last for 8 hours.

Generally speaking, Venu 2 Plus drains the battery at the rate of 12 percent a day on the smartwatch mode. GPS is always intensive for battery usage.

Venu 2 Plus has a ‘Battery Saver Mode’ that can be used to conserve battery and prolong battery backup through optimal use of the smartwatch.

9. Can Venu 2 Plus track blood oxygenation levels?

Venu 2 Plus can track blood oxygen saturation levels on a spot basis or perpetual basis. Venu 2 Plus has a pulse oximeter sensor that takes wrist-based oxygenation levels. The blood oxygen levels are also shared with the Garmin Connect app. This allows you to track the blood oxygen levels on a consistent basis and offers good baseline data for oxygenation levels in the blood.

10. Can Venu 2 Plus monitor body temperature?

Wrist-based temperature readings are possible on Venu 2 Plus. You will need ‘tempe’ sensor to take skin-based temperature readings through a Venu 2 Plus smartwatch.

11. Can Venu 2 Plus track heart rate?

Garmin Venu 2 Plus has a Garmin Elevate heart sensor. The heart sensor monitors and tracks heartbeat on a perpetual basis.

12. Can Venu 2 Plus broadcast heart rate data?

Venu 2 Plus supports ANT+ wireless standards. It is an ANT-certified smartwatch. The heart data collected by Venu 2 Plus can be broadcast to supported Garmin devices on ANT+ wireless network. The heart rate broadcast feature is very useful for bikers. Indoor and outdoor bikers stand to gain with the heart rate broadcast feature of Venu 2 Plus to the supported Garmin devices.

13. Does Venu 2 Plus have music?

Yes, Venu 2 Plus has comprehensive music functionality. It can allow music through various sources.

  • You can store music on the watch storage. Venu 2 Plus can store up to 650 songs on the watch storage. These songs can be played right through the watch storage. You will still need to have Bluetooth speakers or headsets to connect with the Venu 2 Plus over Bluetooth protocol.
  • You can also use music streaming apps like Spotify on Venu 2 Plus. You can add any third-party music streaming app on the Venu 2 Plus device. Music streaming through third-party apps is an integrated feature on the Venu 2 Plus.
  • Venu 2 Plus can also control music on the paired smartphone. Music control on Venu 2 Plus is a standard feature. You can still play music through the Bluetooth speakers or headsets connected to the smartphone.

14. Does Venu 2 Plus have a fall detection feature?

Venu 2 Plus has an incident detection feature that is akin to the fall detection feature of the Apple Watch. The incident detection feature detects a fall in select activities. Upon fall detection, Venu 2 Plus can send an emergency message with GPS coordinates to the designated emergency contacts. These emergency contacts need to be defined on the Venu 2 Plus for emergency message notification to work.

15. Can Venu 2 Plus work with iPhone?

Yes, Venu 2 Plus works well with iPhone. Venu 2 Plus supports Apple devices that are on iOS 13 or higher. This implies that all Apple iPhone models including iPhone 6S or higher are compatible with the Venu 2 Plus smartwatch.

The integration between Venu 2 Plus and iPhone happens through the Garmin Connect app. The app is freely available on the Apple store.

16. Can Venu 2 Plus work with the Android operating system?

Yes, Venu 2 Plus can work well with an Android smartphone. Venu 2 Plus is compatible with Android smartphones running on Android operating system 7 or higher. Most Android devices are compatible with the Venu 2 Plus.

The integration between Venu 2 Plus and the Android mobile operating system works with the Garmin Connect app. Garmin Connect is available for Android smartphones on the Google Play Store.

17. Does Venu 2 Plus have a ‘Find my Watch’ feature?

Yes, the ‘Find my Watch’ feature is a standard feature on the Garmin smartwatches including the Garmin Venu 2 Plus. Venu 2 Plus also has a ‘Find my Phone’ feature. Garmin Connect app on the smartphone is used to find the Venu 2 Plus watch.

18. Can Venu 2 Plus support NFC payments?

Venu 2 Plus supports NFC payments through the Garmin Pay app. Garmin Pay can be used to make contactless payments in supported countries. Garmin Pay links to a digital wallet. The wallet is linked to virtual credit cards or debit cards for topping up the wallet balance. At a supported merchant shop or transit point, you can point your Venu 2 Plus watch on the wireless reader to complete contactless payments for your purchases.

19. Does Venu 2 Plus have a’ Body Battery’ feature?

Body Battery is a proprietary feature of Garmin. It measures and tracks your energy levels throughout the day. Body Battery score is a number that lies between 0 to 100. Body Battery scores below 30 imply that your energy levels are low or you are fatigued. Once you rest, the Body Battery score recovers.

20. Can Venu 2 Plus work with the Golf app?

Yes, Venu 2 Plus supports the Golf app. It can pair with the Golf app. The golf app will share Golf course data of over 40,000 golf courses. You can participate in a weekly round of golf games with your friends. The golf app can be downloaded through the Golf Play Store or the App Store.

21. Can Venu 2 Plus track the menstrual cycle?

Venu 2 Plus has a women’s health module. It includes menstrual cycle tracking. Venu 2 Plus can track irregular periods and it can be used to monitor pregnancy as well.

22. What workouts are available in the Gym profile on Venu 2 Plus?

Venu 2 Plus supports HIIT workouts, cardio workouts, yoga workouts, pilates workouts, and strength workouts. On-screen workout animations and muscle maps are also available on the Venu 2 Plus. Venu 2 Plus can also track indoor rowing and stair climbing.

23. Does Venu 2 Plus monitor sleep?

Venu 2 Plus can monitor sleep and share sleep scores and insights. Data gets shared with the Garmin Connect app. Sleep metrics on the Garmin Connect app help in preparing a baseline of sleep data over a period of time.

24. Can Venu 2 Plus take an ECG?

No, Venu 2 Plus cannot take an ECG. ECG feature is not available on Garmin smartwatches as we write this. Garmin is developing the ECG functionality as we write this. There is no confirmation if the ECG feature will be made commercially available anytime soon on Garmin watches.

25. Can Venu 2 Plus detect Atrial Fibrillation?

No, Venu 2 Plus cannot detect or send an alarm about Atrial Fibrillation. Apple watches are known to monitor Atrial Fibrillation conditions.

26. Can Venu 2 Plus detect abnormal heart rate alerts?

Yes, Venu 2 Plus can send you alerts if the heart rate goes above or below the defined range. You will need to define the heart rate manually.

27. Can Venu 2 Plus track respiration rate?

Venu 2 Plus tracks respiration rate on a perpetual basis. Breaths per minute are a useful metric, especially during activity tracking.

28. Is the Venu 2 Plus battery replaceable?

Venu 2 Plus battery is irreplaceable. However, the battery lasts a long time. You may try to get the battery replaced at a watch shop. Due care needs to be taken because watch repairs can lead to damage to the water-resistance of the watch.

29. Does Venu 2 Plus have a gyroscope?

Yes, Garmin Venu 2 Plus has a gyroscope sensor to track angular velocity.

30. Does Venu 2 Plus have an accelerometer?

Yes, Venu 2 Plus does have an accelerometer sensor. It can track the acceleration of an object at a given point of time.

31. Does Venu 2 Plus support Bluetooth calling?

You can make calls through Venu 2 Plus through Bluetooth. Venu 2 Plus needs to be paired with a smartphone. Using the ‘Phone Calling’ feature on the Venu 2 Plus, you can make calls through the smartphone. You can call one of the existing contacts or a number through the watch.

You can also use the Venu 2 Plus smartwatch to pick up or reject an incoming call. Use the phone icon to accept or decline the incoming call.

32. What glass material is used on Venu 2 Plus?

Venu 2 Plus uses Corning Gorilla Glass 3 which is more scratch-resistant and strong than the normal aluminosilicate glass. Corning Gorilla Glass 3 is specially designed for smartphones and smartwatches.

33. Does Venu 2 Plus have a touchscreen?

Yes, Venu 2 Plus does have a touchscreen. You can choose to disable the touchscreen at any point in time. Most athletes and triathletes like to turn off the touchscreen feature during training runs or actual runs.

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