Garmin Fenix 7 restarts during runs

Garmin Fenix 7 users have reported a bug wherein the watch restarts or reboots in the middle of running activity. We share more details of the bug and the problems faced by Fenix 7 owners. We will also update this post if and when the solution to this bug has been addressed by Garmin.

Some Fenix 7 device owners have reported that the Fenix 7 watch restarts or reboots in the middle of running activity. This prevents the data from getting synchronized through the Garmin Connect app on the smartphone.

Also, the run stops or pauses after the watch reboot.

However, the running data collected on the watch stays on the device. Upon a manual sync through Garmin Express, the running data can be synchronized with the Fenix 7 device.

The watch reboot issue seems to have manifested after a firmware upgrade on Fenix 7 to version 9.33. The latest version of Fenix 7 firmware, version 9.36 does not seem to have resolved the issue.

There are user complaints on Garmin forums about the watch reboot issue, and Garmin is aware of the issue affecting the Fenix 7 watches.

Some users have claimed that the watch reboot happens at specific locations during the run. If you were to go for a run again, the Fenix 7 will reboot at the exact geolocation. So, it seems to be tied to locational data or GPS data for specific geographical points. If you are running the same course every day, this issue can be easily validated.

Interestingly, similar issues have been reported in the past by Fenix 6 device owners. Fenix 6 device owners have been experiencing a similar issue when the watch reboots in the middle of an activity. This reboot issue affects some Fenix 6 device owners and the issue has manifested after firmware version 21 was released for Fenix 6 devices.

Here are some user reviews related to Garmin Fenix 7 watch reboot during a running activity, that started after firmware 9.33 was deployed:

i now had the problem of restart(s) during my last 2 runs, which resulted in not getting the run synced via mobile app then (but finally back home after vacation it worked via Garmin Express)

but still i miss some data on that days and its super annoying when the watch restarts during a run and i do not immediately see that and the run is then paused after the restart.
never had that issue before – i’ve just updated to 9.33 around a week before my vacation and also did runs with that firmware already before and didn’t have that issue.

2nd last run:
watch restarted 3 times on a ~10k run (~1hour)
still missing data in the timeline, but all steps there, although it says just 16k in the graph – see screenshot.

from Garmin support forums

Another user has reported that the issue persists after the firmware upgrade to version 9.36 as per the feedback shared here.

Tried it with v9.36 today, issue persists. I noticed something interesting though, the watch rebooted twice at the exact same location during my run. It always happened at that same location, first I thought that it was some distance mark that causes it (like after one mile) but now I think it’s actually related to the location (I always ran the same course).

from Garmin support forums

The fact that the watch reboots at the same exact location is confirmed by another Garmin Fenix 7 user as per the review below:

my fenix also reboots in the same place. when I run other routes there is no problem

from Garmin support forums

If you are experiencing Garmin Fenix 7 reboots during running, please follow the following instructions:

  • perform a hard reset of the Fenix 7 watch. Most users who have attempted the hard reset of the Fenix 7 device have reported no solution to the watch reboot issues.
  • contact Garmin support. You are eligible for a refund if you are within 2 weeks of the watch purchase date.
  • if you have had Garmin Fenix 7 for more than 2 weeks, it is best to work with the Garmin support team in getting a fix for the issue.